Hiring Stats to Watch Out For In 2022

Analyzing hiring stats allows recruiters to adapt to what is going on in the recruitment landscape and apply strategies to leverage the trends. Continue to attract and retain top candidates by staying on top of hiring trends.

Recruiters value the statistics that the researchers and market players gather. Hiring statistics help the recruiters to know what is going on in the employment world. This lets them make better-recruiting plans for the future and change their recruiting strategies accordingly.

To save you some research time, we have gathered some significant stats that can help you get insights into the recruitment trends. Let’s look at some important hiring statistics:

  • Diversity: Recruiters are becoming more aware of the importance of hiring a diverse workforce. According to a recent study, 77% of talent professionals believe diversity will be a key factor for recruiting in the future (LinkedIn, 2020). On top of that, there will be a boost in geographical diversity among applicants by 20% in lieu of more remote work options being offered (LinkedIn, 2020). Remote work has gained popularity after the pandemic.
  • Remote work: Working remotely has become a big part of our lives since the pandemic hit. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 84% of recruiters are in the process of adapting their hiring methods to facilitate remote exchanges (CNBC, 2020). As of 2020, 41.8% of Americans work remotely . Data shows that 67% of employers are providing flexible work arrangements. Providing employees with flexible working conditions has become a key factor while attracting candidates.
  • Social media recruiting: Recruiting through social media is gaining importance day by day, as it has proven to be an effective way of recruiting. 35% of applicants find job openings on social media . A 2016 Recruiting Benchmark Survey NACE says that 50.5% of recruiters report social media has changed their recruiting results. Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report 2016 says that 29% of recruiters are investing in social media recruiting strategies and platforms. The same report states that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check candidates, 43% use Facebook, and 22% Twitter.
  • Employer Branding: The importance of employer branding cannot be emphasized enough. A strong employer brand is necessary to attract and retain top performers. Businesses with reputable employer brands are more likely to attract 50% more qualified applicants (Finances Online). Moreover, 89% of passive candidates check out your employer brand before applying.
  • Candidate qualification: This stat shows the educational qualification of candidates. An ICMS, 2021 report says that 50 percent of employers have seen an increase in candidates with master's degrees for entry-level jobs.
  • Recruitment and onboarding process: A poor recruitment experience leads to 49% of respondents declining a job offer (PWC). This number shows that you need to step up the candidate experience you give during the recruitment process. Within six months of joining a company, 31% of new hires leave it . This shows that you need to have a strong and engaging onboarding process that provides necessary training and ample exposure to the new work environment.

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