Employer Branding Trends Emerging in the Post COVID Era

Employer branding is how you position your company as an employer in the eyes of employees and job seekers. It is important to build a strong employer brand if you want the best talent to be working for you.
October 19, 2021

With COVID making us all stay at home, work from the office shifted to work from home. Working remotely opened up new opportunities to work globally. The pandemic also made companies realize the importance of having a solid online presence. 

Due to everything being conducted online, COVID has forced employers to find new ways to establish their brand. Building a strong employer brand that attracts talent like a magnet is one of the best recruiting tips for a recruiting company. Here are some employer branding trends that you need to follow in the Post COVID Era: 

  1. Flexibility has become a non-negotiable factor: Your employees are the most productive when you let them work in locations and time zones they are comfortable in. The employees of the next generation do not want to be stuck in the 9 to 5 system. Companies that offer flexible working conditions automatically become more attractive in front of prospective employees. 

  1. Increase your online presence: In the Post COVID Era, your online presence matters a lot. Your employer brand can be enhanced with a strong online presence on various social media platforms. Your company needs to post regular content on social media to do that.  

  1. Post your job openings on various social media platforms: When doing candidate hiring, post on various platforms so that your brand has more visibility. You can use the LinkedIn recruiter tool to find the right candidate for the job. Post your jobs across various job posting platforms that you think your potential employees are using. 

  1. Keep the jobs updated: One of the things candidates complain about is that the job openings remain open even if the employer is not actively recruiting. Keep your job posts updated. When posting jobs, post all details required with a proper CTA. Posting proper job posts and updating them regularly can give your employer branding a boost.  

  1. Assemble a more diverse and inclusive workforce: Companies can no longer discriminate against anyone based on gender, race, political opinion, economic status, or color. To showcase your company as the best employer that there is, you need to be inclusive of all types of communities. 

  1. Use advanced solutions for most processes: The transition of shifting to online mode can be made easier with advanced solutions for recruiting, onboarding, and engaging. Technology recruiting can be the best way out there to pose yourself as an advanced employer from the start. 

Talent is scarce, but you can get the best people to work for you when you have a solid employer brand. A brand acts like a magnet and helps your company attract some of the best candidates out there. In your employer brand, show how you stand out from your competition and what you offer your employees that others don’t. Market your USP aggressively through various social media platforms to further enhance your brand. 

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