Encourage employee referrals & find your next amazing hire

Features to make employees your main source for great hires

Employee Referral

Supercharge your organization's ER & IJP program to create a collaborative hiring culture

Your employees are your best advocates, so why not leverage their connections more effectively?
TalentRecruit empowers your employees to easily refer candidates who are a strong fit for open roles.

Employee Referral Portal

Convert employees into recruiters!

Create a company-wide recruiting culture through transparent referral process that notifies employees on the current status of candidates they have referred.

Track resume referral status

Track resume referral

Allow employees to easily view & track the status of resumes they have submitted and get real-time updates on the current status of their referrals as they progress though the hiring process.

Drive internal referral campaigns

Drive internal referral

Talent Recruit allows you to create employee referral campaigns and control how long a job remains open for employee referrals before allowing external applications.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Delight employees and recruiters with a user friendly experience on the ER Platform to make referrals fun!

Internal Job Posting Platform (IJP)

Visualize your business data & monitor overall performance

  1. Allows employees to seek endorsement from their managers before applying for IJP’s.
  2. Boost your employee retention & shorten the time required for onboarding.
  3. Hire quicker and save costs by encouraging internal promotions versus external hires.
Job Posting Platform
Drive Referrals

Why choose Talent Recruit to drive referrals & IJP’s?

If you have the right employee referral program, you can tap into a treasure trove of qualified candidates. With Talent Recruit, you can brand your ER and IJP portal and empower your employees to become effective and engaged recruiters who help you build your talent pool via their existing contacts.

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Candidate Ranking
with AI

Quick insights into candidates referred by employees

Talent Recruit’s Machine Learning Algorithms rank the profile of each candidate referred through the employee referral platform. Arm your recruitment team with AI-driven insights into a candidate's resume that help you understand your candidates better.

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Candidate Ranking with AI

Reward Rockstar Referrers

Employee Referrals can be a great way to streamline sourcing while lowering turnover rates and creating a more collaborative company culture. Start rewarding your Rockstar employees for their valuable referrals and drive a successful rewards program with Talent Recruit.

View analytics on:

  1. Your top referrers.
  2. Business areas/locations that refer most.
  3. How your employee referral program compares to other
    hiring sources.
Reward Referrers
Leverage your Employee Network to Start Building a World Class
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