Drive Successful Campus Recruitment Strategies

Talent Recruit

Make the Most out of Campus Recruiting Events

Campus Recruiting

Promote, manage and conduct campus recruiting events with a comprehensive solution

Enable students to complete their registrations in advance. TalentRecruit enables campus recruiters to provide feedback and carefully nurture talent with automated communications to ensure a great candidate journey from their first interaction to their final interview.

Be the first to discover fresh talent

Create your own assessment process for graduates that measures Skills, Personality and Abilities while comparing candidates scored to hire the right talent.

Bring transparency into campus placements

Customise offers for graduates according to your organizations in a matter of minutes with pre-defined offer templates. Get the flexibility to build multiple offer templates for the various roles that you hire for at each university or campus.

Streamline the journey from Graduate to Employee

Everyone remembers their first job interview! Many graduates have their first brush with job hunting during their campus placement process. Ensure to make it a delightful and unforgettable experience that will have them recommending you to their peers

Actionable insights that help you improve the campus hiring exercise

A wide range of analytics that helps your recruiters to review the entire campus hiring process and measure its effectiveness for future engagements
Campus Recruiting

Engage with Fresh Talent that’s Ready to hire

Simplified Candidate Registrations
Easily manage graduate registration for the jobs you offer and enable students to create profiles, upload resumes, search jobs and track job applications
Effective Institutional Branding
Brand the Campus Recruitment Portal to promote a healthy and streamlined environment for visiting candidates that will have them talking about you to all their peers
Candidate Screening
Create or import an online repository of questions for multiple subjects, generate unique questions papers, define grades within the system and much more
One Stop Platform
Connect multiple stakeholders - Students, Hiring Managers, Placement Coordinators and Corporate PR Teams - all on a single platform
Minimize Recruitment Costs
Increase engagement with potential campus hires and maximise your return on investment

Automate Your Campus Hiring Process