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Dig deeper than the candidate resume

Assess candidates on multiple parameters to get a holistic view of their skills & capabilities.
Our online examination module enables you to create and save candidate assessment templates for each job you offer. Tailor your assessment strategies to your needs and auto-compile candidate scores with lightning speed

Online Examination Platform

Assessment Creation
Create refresher tests to make sure candidates are up to date with the knowledge being imparted by your faculty / Learning Management Teams
Holistic Assessment
Evaluate candidates across different parameters such as Communication Skills v/s Logical Thinking or Theoretical Skills to measure the learning outcome
Examination Scheduler
Set examination schedules and define the format for middle and final examinations with a provision for external panellist to evaluate your candidate’s responses
Performance Feedback
Provide candidates with valuable examination feedback and suggestions for areas of improvement post their assessment
Question Bank
Build or import a comprehensive online repository of questions for multiple subjects or areas of study while generating unique question papers for candidates
Grading System
Clearly define the different grades for examinations within the system that are to be allotted based on the total marks scored by candidates

Analytical Reports

Compare candidate scores and measure learning outcomes in graphical and visual formats that are easy to understand with an advanced Analytics Module

Enterprise Ready

Enterprise-grade platform with scalable team management, compliance, security, and privacy controls. Spend less time on setup and scale easily company-wide.

Global, personalized support

Work with a seasoned customer success team that has helped global companies successfully deploy, train, and adopt TalentRecruit’s solutions.

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