Holistic Candidate Assessment

Dig deeper than the candidate resume

Assess candidates on multiple parameters to get a holistic view of their skills & capabilities.Our multi-level evaluation module enables you to create and save candidate assessment templates for each job you offer. Tailor your assessment strategies to your needs and auto-compile candidate scores with lightning speed.

Deeper than candidate resume
Compile candidate score

Assessment Forms

A configurable platform for multi-stakeholder assessments

Assessment Creation

Create candidate assessment forms as per your needs to ensure effective pre-screening of applicants.

Holistic Assessment

Evaluate candidates across different parameters such as Communication Skills v/s Logical Thinking or Theoretical Skills to measure the learning outcome.

Interview Evaluation Forms

Easily collect feedback on candidates from hiring managers and interview panelists to make informed hiring decisions.

Feedback Forms

Easily collect feedback from interview panelists, hiring managers and candidates and view all info on a centralized platfrom.

Assess candidates

Assess candidates smarter and easier

Any recruitment process is incomplete without a clear assessment stage. Our technology arms your team with the pre-screening & assessment essentials that they need to create an efficient process to move the right candidates forward while collecting feedback from the concerned stakeholders.

Transform the way you assess candidate skills

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