Contract Staffing Solved Permanently

A Next-Generation Contract Staff Management Platform

Find Candidates

Quickly find qualified candidates

Zero in on top talent with Artificial Intelligence and unparalleled Machine Learning Capabilities and create a massive talent pool of skilled contract staff.

Prioritize growth

Prioritize growth, not administration

Collect, organize, and evaluate info on your temporary staff from a centralized platform.

Candidate Comunication

Improve candidate communications

Effectively engage with and build valuable relationships with your valuable employees while keeping them appraised of new opportunities.

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Speed is the mantra in Temporary Staffing and Talent Recruit can help you achieve faster deployment of candidates to client locations with Bench Management tools.

Automated contingent Workforce management for staffing businesses

Workforce Management

Mobile Responsive

Built for the modern day professionals who are always on-the-go. Enable your employees to easily fill out their Time & Expense details.

Visualize Your Data

Our platform features comprehensive reports on all-time & expense sheet files by your employees with configurable reports that are easy to understand & analyze.

Neat & Tidy

Get all your expenses where they belong – neatly organized and attached to each project. Makes Time & Expense sheet management a breeze.

User Friendly

Make Time & Expense Sheet submission a delightful task for your employees with a User-Friendly platform that is easy to use and update.

Automated contingent Workforce management for staffing businesses

In order to manage contingent workers, track deployments, contracts, and Bench, advanced software solutions have become vital as contract staffing continues to see a boom in demand. We can help you grow your contract staffing division as you work to support your clients and delight their experience.

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