Take a Deep Dive into your Talent Analytics

Visualize Your Data Like Never Before

A powerful recruitment software for reporting, data exploration & analytics. If analytics was never you forte then it will be now! Our comprehensive Analytics Module gives you detailed insights into your hiring process while being easy for even laymen to understand. See the big picture – and underlying connections.

Personalized Dashboards

Personalized Dashboards

Visualize your business data & monitor overall performance

Make informed business decisions by configuring user Dashboard to display important information. Drill into critical business KPI’s to identify and highlight areas for improvement, derived from multiple data sources.

Schedule Automatic Reports

Share valuable insights with across teams, offices, and regions

With TalentRecuit Analytics, users can easily schedule reports to be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as per your needs so that each stakeholder has access to critical business insights.

  • Export results into excel formats
  • Free up valuable work hours
Automatic Reports

Understand Each Aspect Of Your Recruitment Process

Get complete control over data from your recruitment and onboarding functions .Schedule updates to view key recruitment metrics while you manage and track team productivity - whether they working remotely or at the office.

Health-Check for each Job

Health-Check for
each Job

View the health of each requisition with a glance

  • Easily track the health of individual requisitions at a glance.
  • Group recruitment tasks into stages and view KPI’s under each stage.
  • Audit Trail to track any changes made by recruiters to each job.
Macro & Micro View

Macro & Micro View

A comprehensive view of all your recruitment data

Get a “bird’s eye-view” or chose to view key recruitment & onboarding metrics “from the ground-up” with features to:

  • Easily export data through API’s to Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms.
  • View key hiring ratios such as Parsed vs Submitted, Interview vs Offer and other KPI’s.
Performance Tracking

Recruiter Performance Tracking

Measure recruiter performance backed by data

  • View detailed recruiter performance by departments or by client.
  • Dashboard Builder feature to track the information you want to see.
  • View historic trends to identify gaps in your process.
Report Builder

Report Builder

Derive meaningful insights quickly

  • TalentRecruit’s interactive & intuitive report builder provides a thrilling end user experience and our easy to use, drag-and-drop UI enables your team to customize reports according to business needs.

Track key recruitment & onboarding metrics

Reports designed to take your hiring process to the next level. Our recruitment software has the ability to process raw data and provide your team with robust recruitment analytics on all aspects of  the talent acquisition process:

Individual User Reports
Interview Joining & Schedule
Department & Client Reports
Offer Release Report
Turn-Around-Time (TAT) Report
Resume Source Breakdown
Requisition Ageing
User Login & Activity
Candidate Database Insights
Candidate Engagement Activity
Interview Success/Drop-Out Ratio
Get answers backed by data, results driven
by insight.
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