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Leverage the extensive implementation expertise of our Customer Relationship Team and measures success in weeks, not months. Our implementation team painlessly transforms your hiring woes into a fully automated recruitment process that runs like clockwork.


As part of our comprehensive implementation services, we ensure that the Recruitment & Onboarding software solution is implemented in accordance with your requirements and expectations so that you can reap the benefits of your chosen solution as soon as possible.

  • Project Management
    Planning and Project management
  • Process Analysis
    Process analysis and recruitment workflow design
  • End user training
    Comprehensive End-User Training
  • Implementation and setup
    Software implementation and environment set up
  • Configuration
    Configuration, development and system testing
  • Custom Integration
    Standard or custom integrations
  • Deployment
    Deployment and post production support

Unlimited Technical

Our objective is to provide you with fast, friendly, and useful product support. Talent Recruit is dedicated to providing you with the support and advice that you need to #RecruitSmart.

Unlimited Technical Support

Knowledge Sharing & Training

Talent Recruit's product training plan is designed to bring power to recruiters, increase user confidence and maximize ROI. Our Relationship Manager will collaborate with your team to create an effective plan for sessions that cover all features. Plus, we provide supplementary materials like e-learning training manuals, case studies, white papers, blog articles, and news items related to recruitment. If necessary after the implementation process, a refresher course can be conducted remotely at no extra cost.

Knowledge Sharing & Training


As part of the services lifecycle, you do not just implement your solution. As the market dictates, we continue to develop our products to meet your needs, and it is our maintenance service team that ensures you continue to enjoy all the fantastic benefits you achieve.

Talk about 24x7 - seamless on any device. We offer 99.95% + uptime except schedule maintenance.

Integrations Eco-system

Integrations Eco-system

We offer integrations with partner technologies so you can build out a recruitment tech stack that gives you an edge over your competitors. We are building the Integration Eco-system and you will continue to get various platforms pre-integrated with TR to seamless manage your Recruiting and onboarding process automation.

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