Change the way you engage your hiring managers

Empower your hiring managers to make faster hiring decisions

From shortlisting candidates & providing feedback to managing interviews and approvals – TalentRecruit has got your Hiring Managers covered!



Discover unfindable candidates and easily connect with top talent wherever they are with reduced sourcing costs.



Focus on the candidate experience and improve the quality of hires while simultaneously enhancing your diversity & inclusion strategies (DE & I).



Nurture your talent pools and keep them engaged & appraised on all future opportunities.

Change the way you engage your hiring managers.

Create job requisitions, view shortlisted candidates, submit approvals, and track activity in real-time.

The Talent Recruit-Hiring Manager Portal facilitates collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the recruiting process, including candidates, recruiters, interview panelists, and hiring managers.

Engage Your Hiring Manager
Hiring Process
Hiring Process

Reduce your Time to Hire

Reduce Time to Hire

Zero Friction Approvals

Quicker approvals and faster TAT

Submit and approve Job Requisitions or Offers with lightning speed to reduce your Turn-Around-Time (TAT) in recruitment with audit trail features to track changes.

Improved Data Visibility

A one-stop-solution to control recruitment

Our Hiring Manager Portal is a one-stop-solution to automate critical tasks that require you Hiring Managers attention from job approvals & candidate shortlisting to interview & offer management.

Effective Interview Management

Streamline the interview process for candidates, panelists & hiring managers

Assign delegates for candidate interviews, communicate feedback more effectively and shift the relationship between Hiring Managers from reactive to strategic with Talent Recruit.

Collect Interview Feedback

Derive key insights from your interviews

Feedback from your Hiring Managers is essential to drive a successful recruitment strategy. Ensure the timely collection of feedback on interviewed candidates with Talent Recruit.

So, why are hiring managers disengaged?

Some hiring managers bring past processes that worked in their previous jobs, thinking that they are universal. While some principles remain the same, hiring isn’t a one-stop-shop experience. You need to build the processes that fit your company and mission.

Automated Interview Scheduler
for Hiring Managers

With Talent Recruit, hiring managers, interview panelists, and candidates can collaborate on interview scheduling with an advanced interview management solution. Find out how calendar sharing can save you up to 1/3 of your interview scheduling time.

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Automated Interview Scheduler

“True Transparency”
  for your Hiring

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