Pro tips to Avoid Employee Burnout and Boost Productivity

Burnout prevention is necessary to boost workplace productivity. Don’t let your employees get fed up with their jobs. The more they are at peace with their jobs, the more results they can give to you. Do follow these tips and avoid a situation of employee burnout at your workplace.

Employee burnout is a state in which your employees are exhausted and have no motivation or energy to put effort into their work. They are emotionally and physically stressed. Burnout has been recognized by WHO as a medical diagnosis. Its cause has been defined as chronic workplace stress that was not managed successfully. It leads to reduced performance, mental exhaustion towards the job, and no enthusiasm in the workplace.

Employee burnout can become a big problem because your employees are your most valuable asset and every business function depends on them. Job burnout leads to a fall in productivity. No business would benefit from a decreased level of productivity and may even face low profits due to it. That is why it is important to avoid employee burnout.

Here are some pro tips to avoid employee burnout and boost productivity:

  1. Allow your employees to take proper rest: As an employer, it is your responsibility to encourage your employees to take proper rest and personal time. Putting pressure to work without refreshing rest periods will eventually lead to burnout. Don’t fall into the trap of more hours equal more work. Overworking leads to poor quality of work. Some things that can be done are- following the 4 working days per week policy, reducing working hours, or finishing early on Friday.  
  1. Allow remote work and support vacations: Remote work has gained popularity because of the pandemic and some employees prefer it over working from the office now. People also like taking vacations and working from wherever they want. This might prove beneficial to your business as your employees are working in an environment they are happy and comfortable in. Working in the office daily for the same hours can become monotonous and dissatisfying after some time. Avoid this by allowing your employees to work from wherever they feel most happy to work.
  1. Make changes to the workplace: You can do small changes that can freshen up the workplace. For example, add plants, create a break area, choose a paint that makes the space feel spacious and bright, etc. You can also provide your employees with good quality coffee and tea.
  1. Provide proper training: Without enough training, your employees can lack the skills and clarity required to do the job. This may lead to stress in the workplace. Ensure that your onboarding process includes proper training and orientation. To complete a job efficiently and effectively, employees need proper knowledge and clarity on what is expected of them. Even after onboarding is over, continue to train your employees to avoid stress in them.

Some other quick tips are:

  • Make your employees feel appreciated by recognizing their efforts.
  • Encourage them to take initiatives on projects they like.
  • Be supportive of their career development journey.
  • Identify their strengths and give them responsibilities that match those strengths.
  • Encourage your employees to learn new things.

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