How does HR play a key role in building an agile organization?

Conclusion If HR is not involved in the Agility transformation, then it can lead to resistance to change from the employees’ side, which can also lead to increased employee turnover in the worst-case scenario. Change can be scary, but it is possible to implement it when the personnel managing function of the organization is fully involved in the entire process. Agility, when implemented effectively, promises a sustainable increase in team efficiency and productivity. Organizational agility cannot be embraced without first making the HR function an agile one because, in the end, it is the people who will execute the change.

Organizations are keeping up with the need of the hour and moving towards an agile mindset. It only makes sense for supporting functions, like HRM, to adopt new methods of functioning. Agility is a mandatory and necessary business change. It empowers teams to innovate and helps them to deliver faster to customers’ needs. It teaches them to be more responsive to changes in the business environment. 

HR needs to rethink its objectives and processes to create a more agile mindset to support the organizational need for agility. Being agile is the only way for businesses to stay competitive in the 21st century. HRM means the management of the people of the company and an agile organization cannot function without its people onboard. 

HR plays a huge role in the organization’s agility transformation. Here’s a broad view of the role of HR in building an agile organization: 

Performance management 

In agile organizations, feedback is given regularly as part of day-to-day interactions. The performance management process of an agile organization must be iterative and short-term while still maintaining a core framework. HR professionals need to communicate the need for continuous adoption and learning to the employees to support organizational agility. Reviewing in brief intervals improves the performance of teams and helps them deliver the best possible outcome. 

Hiring the right people 

Transformation towards an agile mindset needs skill sets that may not be currently present in the organization. The imbalance of skills may lead to poorly designed teams, which may not be as effective for an agile organization. The role of HR here is to hire the skilled people required for the jobs and to also train the current personnel for the agility transformation in the company. HR needs to do proper workforce planning right from the start of adopting the agility mindset. 

Contribute to the agile culture 

An agile organization means that learning and implementation are happening at a faster pace as responsiveness to change is increased. Faster delivery needs smooth communication and seamless collaboration between the employees working in agile teams. One of the key functions of HR is to set the rules and routines about how people go about their work or‌ how they communicate, collaborate, and behave. Thus, HR managers can adopt agile methods while making any kind of working structure.

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