What does agile mean to HR?

Conclusion An Agile HR can deliver the best value to the company and its employees. Agile means delivering to the consumer and the consumer in HR’s case is the employees and the candidates. They are the end-users of any experience that the HR team designs. This method gives a human-centric approach to HR functions and forces HR managers to think in a way that delivers the best to the human capital of the company. Every HR function also gets direct and regular feedback from the users and responding to that feedback is immediately done. This becomes a loop of improving HR processes that fit best for the ever-changing dynamic workforce. The more companies realize the importance of agility in the HR function, the more they can innovate with their HR function for the best interests of both the employer and the employee.

Today’s way of running businesses is not like it was a few decades ago. The businesses of today’s generation need fast solutions, as it is a highly dynamic space. Responding immediately to change and increasing the adaptiveness towards any kind of situation are two things that are urgently required to stay competitive in the market. These values are what the Agile method of doing things is made of. Let’s find out more about Agile methodology and how it affects HR functions. 

What does the Agile method mean?

The Agile mindset originally belongs to the software development community. A summarized version of the Agile definition is: it is a repetitive process followed during project management and software development that helps the teams deliver faster to their customers with as little hassle as possible. 

The Agile methodology doesn’t encourage doing things in enormous leaps and delivering in big launches. In contrast, it allows room for consistent delivery in consumable amounts, in which results are evaluated constantly. Agile teams have an instinct of responding to change quickly and efficiently. 

The agile mindset in HR

Agile isn’t just applicable in the tech world anymore. It is changing HR functions significantly. The processes of hiring, developing, and managing the human capital of a company are shifting from traditional HR practices to the need of the hour or Agile HR. 

If we apply the agile mindset to HR functions, we can safely say that Agile HR is an approach that focuses on increasing the speed of responsiveness and adaptiveness within all HRM functions. Often it is rightly said to break big and complex tasks into small ones to increase productivity and quality of work. This is the main idea in Agile HR, to break complex HR functions like designing a personalized employee experience for a diverse workforce or making leaders for the future of the company into small achievable ones. 

Companies have been applying the Agile mindset hugely while doing performance management. They have got rid of the old waterfall style and started adopting the style of regular check-ins while managing talent performance. The waterfall methodology doesn’t give room for responding to change as it follows rigid methods of doing things. In contrast, the Agile style follows the rules of iteration and taking feedback at small and regular intervals.

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