Approval Hierarchies for Job Creation & Offer Release

When choosing an ATS, CRM, or any other HR solution, you can go for configurable ones which allow you to make adjustments best suited for your needs. Technology in HR can help HR professionals to achieve more and it is an investment every recruiter should consider if they want to reach and attract the top talent.

Approval for job creation means setting up a job for approval by the corporate hierarchy before opening it for application. 

Now, it would be a tedious and time-consuming task if a person would go up to the relevant people and show them the job created to get their approval. Additionally, if the people who have to approve need some changes done, then the process would be delayed even more. 

For example, if a job is created and printed out on paper and then sent for approval, then the people in the hierarchy will not be able to make changes to the printed copy. They will first need to convey their views to the person who created the job and then he will make the changes. This cycle is not fit when the recruiter wants to streamline and fasten up the recruitment process. 

Most recruiting companies want to automate this process of approvals. One of the best ways of doing that is to deploy an ATS or a recruitment solution that allows you to automate approval hierarchies for job creation and offer release. 

Here is a step-by-step approval process: 

  1. Once job creation is finished, you can upload the job on the portal and launch the job approval process.
  2. The list of approvers can be edited and approvers can be added or deleted based on the latest hierarchy ladder. 
  3. The relevant approvers can be notified through mail or push notification on their devices to make them aware that a job post or offer has been drafted which they need to check and approve. The emails need not be sent manually, as the recruitment solution will automate the entire process and send emails according to the fed templates. 
  4. The approvers can then check the job or offer crafted and accept or decline it. They can also leave comments to support their decision and suggest edits ‌they think suit best. 
  5. The person/team who launched the approval process can view the approval status of every approver and resend them notifications regarding pending jobs or offers.
  6. The job creator would then receive the edits and updates on the approval process so that changes can be done immediately. 
  7. Once approvals and suggestions are received, relevant changes can be made and the approval process can be done again. 

Streamlining processes is key to increasing productivity and efficiency in any business function. Automating approvals with HR technology saves a lot of time for all the involved parties and speeds up the entire process. The people involved don't have to go anywhere and they can just coordinate through devices. Additionally, usage of a single platform reduces the hassle and enhances the results you are trying to achieve.

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