The Next Level: Candidate Engagement in the New Era

Innovations in technology have increased the quality of our lives in countless ways because leveraging technology to make lives easier is the mindset of the new era. As technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have been evolving, gone are the days when recruitment processes were to be attended manually at every stage. To match the fast pace of today's life and save valuable resources like time and money, candidate engagement processes from finding the best talent to making them productive employees can be enhanced and run on automation with the help of AI.
October 19, 2021

Technology enhances the candidate engagement process in the following ways:


Artificial Intelligence helps employers to find the best-suited candidates for their jobs by analyzing the data of several candidates giving recommendations to the recruiters. This saves a lot of time for the employer and does the job of sourcing the right talent effectively and efficiently at lesser costs. 


Technology has also made the assessment process an easy and quality assured task for the recruiter. The employer can get an overall view of the capabilities of the candidate by customizing MCQ tests, subjective tests, or any other kind of examination that tests the skills of the individuals. 


Scheduling interviews of so many candidates is always a tough and time-consuming process and if there are changes because of some emergencies, then the interview changes are to be made manually. This process that was full of hassle is made seamless with the technology of an Automated Interview Scheduler. An Automated Interview Scheduler schedules the interviews of all candidates who have reached the interview stage automatically and saves a lot of time for the organization which can be put to use at someplace more important. 


Internet bots like WhatsApp Bots solve queries of the candidates, giving them instant information. Bots can also be used to send automated messages regarding the recruitment steps and guide the candidate until the onboarding is done.


The offer roll-out process can also be made smooth through a comprehensive offer management system. Any number of easy or complex offers can be created, saved, and sent out by an automated offer approval mechanism. 


After the acceptance of the candidate, the onboarding process is made welcoming for the employee through user-friendly onboarding. 


When the candidate engagement process is simplified and made smooth to this extent, it improves the brand image of the employer in the eyes of the candidates. 


We at TalentRecruit have built an all-in-one platform that uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to automate the recruitment process from start to end. We help employers discover, assess, engage, and onboard the best talent with an intuitive recruitment platform. 

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