What is new hire onboarding?

Onboarding meaning in HR is the process of introducing the new hires to the following things: * Culture of the company * Expectations of the new job * Skills and knowledge required to fit in the new role and the company * The colleagues
October 19, 2021

Different companies may have different views on what is the meaning of the onboarding process. The process is generally the same, but the time duration and nature of tasks differ from company to company. 

Some companies may just see the new hire paperwork as the onboarding process. While other committed companies would consider the entire time period from releasing the offer letter to making the new hire an active contributor towards the company’s growth as the onboarding process. 

Every process that falls within the time period of making an offer to the stage when the new hire starts giving results in the role comes under onboarding. The onboarding process includes new hire paperwork, orientation program, training plan, setting up performance metrics, and a feedback loop that helps the new employee to instantly start producing measurable results in his new position. 

Why is efficient onboarding important? 

The onboarding process is the first experience you are giving to your new hire as he is entering your company. First impressions matter a lot and you should put effort into creating an excellent one. 

Here are a few reasons why efficient onboarding is important

  • If your new employees’ first experience in the company fails to live up to the expectations they have from you, they might regret their decision to say yes to you. 
  • A memorable onboarding process would help the new hires feel welcome in the company and would also allow them to mingle with the existing team of the organization. 
  • A well-executed onboarding process helps the new employees understand their new roles and responsibilities better. This helps to give a result in their new job faster.
  • If the onboarding process goes badly, then the new hires may form notions and prejudices against the company and this would not only affect their performance but also their future at the company. 
  • An efficient onboarding helps the employee to get to know the rules and regulations of the company better and settle down comfortably in his new job. 

One of the best recruiting tips for the talent acquisition team is to streamline the onboarding process using onboarding training software and the new hire onboarding portal. Both of these things generally come integrated with automated onboarding software. An automated onboarding solution saves the HR team from the mundane paperwork and lets them focus on the socializing and training part of the onboarding process.

A proper candidate experience during the onboarding process matters a lot. The way a company performs the new employee onboarding determines whether they will retain the talent or not. Create a solid onboarding plan that sets your brand image high and motivates the new employee to work towards the greater good of your company. Make sure to leave a bold first impression that lasts long. 

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