Why should companies use online candidate assessment platforms?

Online assessment platforms have many benefits, thus they are seen as an investment by many recruiters. They also fasten up the recruitment process so that you don’t keep the candidates waiting. Hiring means selecting your future employees who are gonna be a part of your company, so why not make the hiring process as efficient as possible with HR tech.

Technology is changing recruitment processes and helping recruiters to be more efficient in doing quality hiring for the company. Assessment is an important part of the recruitment process as it helps the employers test the candidates. 

Here are some reasons ‌companies should use online candidate assessment platforms: 

Enhanced candidate experience 

The candidates can give the assessment tests from anywhere and they don’t need to be physically present at the company. A pen and paper assessment is eliminated and the candidates get a digital and advanced assessment.   

Save time and money

Online candidate assessment is cost-effective for both the company and the candidates. Because of advancements in technology, online assessment platforms are readily available in the market and they are affordable, too. The administrative burden on the HR team is reduced and everything is carried in online mode. This saves time and money for the company. It is cost-effective for the candidates as it gives them the convenient option of assessing their devices. 

Quality hiring  

A recruiter can better assess the candidates with the help of technology. Employers can generate unique question papers and define grades within the system. You can also create or import an online repository of questions for multiple subjects and make multiple questionnaires for better assessment of candidates. Assessment is important before the interview, as recruiters want quality candidates and not good interviewers. 

Remote recruitment

Online assessment is a boon for employers who do remote recruitment. It is not possible to physically assess the candidates when you offer remote work as applications can come from all over the world. You can get to know the candidates’ skill set better with online assessment tools. 


Recruiters can automate the recruiting process with technology and it is the most effective strategy if you want to grab the top-performing candidates in the market. A pool of questions can be approved and assessment tools automatically generate randomized question papers for the candidates. The answers are fed into the software and candidates’ answers can be matched with it to rank them. Assessment reporting can also be automated. It is safe to say that the administrative burden is reduced to a great level. 


The hiring process can be easily scaled with the increase in demand for online recruitment technology. Physical assessment can be hindered because of a lack of space or resource availability. A huge number of candidates can be easily assessed with online assessment platforms without recruiter burnout. 

Enhanced diversity

Online assessment eliminates personal bias while selecting candidates. This results in the selection of diverse candidates based on their skills irrespective of other non-relevant factors. Candidate experience is also enhanced when the company gives importance to diversity and inclusion factors. 

Product Design

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