A new era of talent strategy: Social media hiring

Having a LinkedIn recruiter profile can help you create a network of talented candidates, as LinkedIn is the social media platform that is used for professional networking. It is a platform where candidates showcase all of their skills, education, work experience, etc. in their profiles. It is a good place to build your company’s employer brand. This does not mean that you don’t have to use other social media platforms. All social media platforms work in different ways. This can help you communicate your value proposition in all formats possible. The war for talent is real. Companies are fighting hard to attract and retain top performers. In such a situation, recruiter companies should not leave any recruiting strategy untried while hiring candidates for job positions. Try different strategies and identify what works best for you.

The workforce of today comprises millennials and Gen Z. These groups of the population are well versed with social platforms and use them almost daily. According to Smart Insights, 4.55 billion people around the globe use social media. These platforms are a great opportunity for all employers to build a solid employer brand in front of their potential candidates. A major portion of your recruiting efforts should be invested in social media platforms, as these are where the new generation spends most of its time.

Recruiting during a pandemic was easy for those recruiters who knew how to do social media recruiting. Social media is a place where the employer can choose how to portray the company, how to engage with the target audience or potential candidates, and what message to send across. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook are great places to post job openings.

An evergreen and one of the best-recruiting tips for the talent acquisition team would be to leverage social media platforms to build a strong employer brand and get hold of the best talent in the industry. The candidate hiring process becomes fast and easy when the recruiting companies are present exactly where the new generation is networking and looking for jobs, and social media platforms are that place.

Some benefits of social media recruiting are:

  1. The recruiter is able to reach a large group of potential candidates and is also visible to the passive candidates.
  2. Save money from expensive advertising and job boards.
  3. Employers can use the social network and connections of the existing employees for candidate sourcing.

While social media recruiting cannot substitute job boards, job fairs, advertisements, or traditional methods, it can still be on the list of top recruiting strategies of the company.

Some things that can be done to attract candidates for recruitment on social media are:

  1. Using relevant hashtags related to your niche that increase your reach
  2. Sharing quality content that builds your employer brand
  3. Engaging with your potential candidates on the platform
  4. Being present at two or more social media networks
  5. Joining job groups
  6. Putting current employee testimonials to improve your reputation and creditworthiness as an employer

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