What are the top priorities for staffing & recruitment organizations in 2022?

The recruitment world is changing and we need to change our methods with it. Attracting candidates and tapping even the passive ones is possible when we upgrade our strategies and tools along with the dynamic environment. Happy hiring!

In today’s competing world, where every company and staffing agency is looking for good candidates, it is best to stay on top of the game and apply the best recruiting strategies. Things like candidate experience and employer branding, which were not so important some years ago, have gained immense importance nowadays. Recruiters who pay close attention to changing trends are the ones who end up attracting the top performers. 

Here are 5 things that should be on the priority list for staffing and recruitment agencies in 2022: 

  1. Enhancing candidate experience: The candidate is on top of the agenda list in modern-day recruiting. Candidate engagement metrics show the responsiveness of your candidates towards you, which is a good thing as it measures their interest. Candidate experience can be improved by using a simple application process, adopting best onboarding practices, using HR bots, and having an advanced recruiting process. It is a time of high turnover and increased hiring, so you need to place candidate and employee experience on the priority list if you want to retain those performers. 
  1. Focusing on employer branding and marketing: In the era of digital recruitment and social networks, it is natural for candidates to look for their employer’s profile online. Therefore, it becomes essential to have an employer brand. An online profile of the company showing its culture, values, employee value proposition, etc. is essential for the recruiting company to attract good candidates. Both the staffing organization and employer need to maintain a strong online presence to attract talent towards them. 
  1. Automating and digitizing recruitment processes: It is not a new thing to say that automating processes saves a lot of time and is also cost-effective. Digitizing the recruitment process also makes it possible to handle numerous applications in a hassle-free and efficient way. Scaling up is effortless with the right HR tech in hand. Talent Recruit is a digital HR platform that has a tailored solution for staffing agencies. This solution makes it easy for the staffing agencies to do their tasks easily with improved productivity and efficiency. 
  1. Managing client relationships: Maintaining legitimate and meaningful client relationships with your client companies is very important. You can find the right candidates for the employer when you know their requirements and pain points inside out. Communication plays an important role in understanding the client’s demands so that staffing agencies can adjust recruitment based on it. 

Surviving the talent shortage crisis: One solution to talent shortage is using AI to source the best-matching candidates. Automating candidate sourcing is the best way to do talent acquisition in this competitive economy. HR tech can help talent acquisition teams to reach larger talent pools and reach passive talent. If the employer has a good employer brand and prioritizes employee experience, then people would be inclined towards working for him. Reskilling the current employees is also another way of overcoming talent shortages.

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