Innovative Ideas For Your Next Campus Recruitment Drive

Additionally, you should engage with the students throughout their college journey. Hiring interns from the same college and training them for being your full-time employees after they graduate is also something that many employers do. Doing a successful campus recruitment drive also solidifies your employer's brand for the next graduating batch. Campus recruitment is a great way to create a talent pool that has tangible potential.

Why must your recruitment plan include a campus recruitment drive? 

The main reason to recruit directly from campus is that you get fresh talent that you can train to be your loyal employees. Campus recruitment is the best way to attract the top talent as early in their career as possible. The newly graduated students bring a fresh wave of ideas to the company and they are eager to prove themselves to their employers. They also prove to be enthusiastic learners. 

But with new generations comes the need to revamp your old recruiting strategies, as what worked earlier doesn't seem to do the job now. So here are some ideas that you can apply: 

Some innovative ideas for your next campus recruitment drive 

  1. Hosting events before hiring: Many kinds of micro-events can be hosted to engage with students before the recruiting process. This helps to build a relationship with the candidates. You can host informal events, training camps, competitions, webinars, problem-solving hackathons, and many more. 
  1. Leverage social media: The generation that is graduating from colleges in the current years has a vast social media presence. You can showcase your company culture and values on your social media and engage with your target students there. Building an employer brand in the eyes of students is important and social media is a good place for that.  
  1. Two-way conversation: Communicate your message clearly to the students but also allow them to voice what they want from you as an employer. You can circulate surveys to the students, which they can fill with what they expect from a company. Doing this shows the students that you care about their ideas and that you will do the same when they are an employee.
  1. Use technology to your advantage: Deploy a technology-driven recruitment process. HR tech makes recruiting more efficient, productive, accurate, and fast. It also enhances the candidate's experience during the entire process. The students are tech-savvy and they would like their employer to be upgraded with the latest tools in the market. 
  1. Follow a data-driven approach: Use data to track the campus recruitment drive. This helps you to measure students’ engagement and interest in your company. Tracking performance metrics also tells you what is working and what is not. You can measure the interview to offer ratio, the number of hires per campus, retention rates of new hires, and offer acceptance percentage. 
  1. Build a student referral program: An effective referral program improves quality and cost per hire. Seek student referrals from the previously recruited students from the same colleges and universities. To hire the best minds on the campus, you can also ask for referrals from professors and teachers. 

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