Top considerations when redesigning your recruitment process

A strong online employer brand may not hold much importance before, but it is important now because the generation of today has a huge social media presence. In the same way, employee and candidate experience holds much more importance now. The recruiters must keep a check on current recruiting trends and adapt to them to win in the talent war. Attracting and retaining the best performers is not easy, but it is possible with the right technology and strategies.

A bad hire is not easy on the company’s resources. It costs a company money, time, and effort to hire the wrong person for the job. Therefore, it becomes necessary to hire the right people. There is tough competition for attracting the top talent and retaining them as there is a talent shortage in the market. 

Why should one redesign their recruitment process? 

Recruiters need to embrace new recruiting strategies to tackle the above challenges and hire the best talent for the company. Traditional recruiting strategies can’t keep up with the changes happening in the workplace. In the current environment, recruiters are struggling to maintain the quality of hires. Pandemic has also changed the way HR functions and recruiters need to keep up with the change to remain competitive in the market. 

Here are some things to keep in mind while redesigning your recruitment process. 

Top 3 things to consider  

  1. Use technology to your advantage: HR rerouting tools have made it possible for companies to find better matching candidates and manage larger talent pools than humanly possible. Recruiting technology reduces cost-per-hire and also increases the quality of hire for the recruiter. Innovative tools like video screening, e-assessment, resume parsing, HR bots, automation, etc. help the companies in fastening up the hiring process. Speeding up results in fast capture of the best applications.
  1. Tap diverse sources of hire: Don’t just look into the ‌existing talent pool that you have. The best candidates can also be found through sources like campus recruitment, employee referrals, and social media networks. A recruiter should exhaust all sources of hiring to find out from where the best talent can be sourced. In the age of technology, skills become outdated too fast and the skills in the talent pool also behave in the same way. Campus recruitment is a good way to bring fresh skills and ideas to the workplace. 
  1. Understand the candidates’ views: The candidates expect to face an unbiased recruiting process, i.e. hire based on skills and not other personal factors. Today's job seekers care about inclusivity and diversity factors and are only willing to work for a company that cares about its employees. Today, post-pandemic, people are looking for flexible employers who have a good online presence. The employer must care about the employees’ career development too. In addition, the company culture should be such that employees want to work for the company by themselves. 

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