Why does HR matter now more than ever?

Conclusion The HR teams of today need to find creative solutions that are in the best interest of the company and its people. Though new, many companies have adopted the concept of design thinking while performing HR functions. Design thinking focuses on a people-centric approach to solving problems and that's what the HR functions of today's organizations need. The simplest yet underrated formula for success is to keep the employees of the company satisfied and they will give the best to their employer. Think about that and revamp your HR functions.

The focus of HR functions has shifted from just hiring, training, and management to giving the best employee experience to your employees. Because of the changing talent landscape, candidate and employee experience have become a top priority for HR managers. The current talent market is harsh and companies fight their way into attracting and keeping the most relevant candidates and retaining them. Retention cannot happen by merely following traditional HR ways. It comes down to showing the employees that you are the best employer in the market and their experience at the company matters. 

The role of HRM 

HRM or Human Resource Management is the organizational function that deals with the people of the organization. Additionally, the success of an organization depends on its people. The HR department is responsible for several things, like recruiting, compensation, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, performance management, employee motivation, administration, communication, and training. HRM plays a huge role in keeping organizations agile and competitive in the market. 

People-centric approach 

Moreover, the corporate culture of today has become people-centric now more than ever. Now, candidate experience at every step of the recruitment process matters to the employer. The concept of employer branding has been gaining importance because of the rise in people’s awareness, increased usage of social media, and the dire need to retain the top performers. And making the best efforts to provide a good quality experience for the company is important for employer branding. 

Retention is important for growth

HR matters because it retains the good employees of a company. An organization, no matter what the size or business is, cannot go anywhere without people who are dedicated to working for its success. 

For example, you hired a highly-skilled candidate using your resources and then they started working for you. After a few months, they don't feel valued at the company and their feedback was not taken seriously by the HR team. This person understands their worth and leaves your company for your competitor, who has better HR policies than yours. The candidate is performing well there and bringing valuable returns to the other company while you are looking for their replacement. Another situation can be: a perfect candidate didn’t complete the application process because the application form was too long. 

You need to avoid these kinds of HR problems and level up your game if you want the best people to work for you. 

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