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What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Businesses of all sizes can use ATS to speed up their hiring process, but it is more useful for large-scale companies that are regularly hiring employees for various job positions. ATS is also useful when the hiring process of a company is long and complex or the TA team is having difficulty in managing the applicant database.

An applicant tracking system or ATS is an applicant management software that keeps track of all the applicant-related activities from the job posting until the job offer. ATS system manages and streamlines your entire hiring and recruiting process. ATS significantly reduces the time taken in the application process and gives the necessary headstart to the recruitment process.

The ATS system recruitment helps the recruiting companies in sourcing talent in this fierce talent competitive market. Finding the right candidates have been more difficult than ever in the post-pandemic time, this is why a more automated and streamlined process is required if the talent acquisition team wants to find the best talent for the company.

The Applicant Tracking System process is as follows:

  1. The job is created
  2. The job is posted on job posting platforms such as career sites, company website, and job boards
  3. Job seekers apply for the job
  4. Screening of applicants is done
  5. Interviews are conducted
  6. Selected applicants are hired by giving them the job offer

Using ATS makes all these steps quick and automated.

Some benefits of using an Applicant Tracking System for hiring:

  • Speeds up your hiring process: While using ATS, you can post a job at multi-channels with just one click reducing the time wastage. It also makes parsing resumes easy through algorithm-based intelligence, reducing the manual time required.
  • Enhances candidate experience: The automatic interview scheduling and constant assistance provided by ATS help in enhancing the candidate experience throughout the hiring process.
  • Lower cost per hire: The cost of manual labor reduces when the tasks of the hiring process are put at automation. The resume filtering software doesn’t require the company to go through every resume while doing bulk hiring.
  • Automatic interview scheduling: ATS software schedules interviews with the candidates automatically and also re-schedules the interviews if the candidate or the interviewer is not available in case of an emergency. This helps to reduce the hassle, as an employee is not required to set meeting timings for the applicants manually.
  • Analyze all recruiting metrics in one place: All hiring metrics, such as how many candidates have gone through your job postings, which channels are attracting the most applicants, how many candidates are applying, and so on, can be analyzed using AI at one place.
  • Boosts employer brand: Using smart technology to post jobs at multi-channels and to complete the hiring process forms a positive image of the employer in the eyes of the candidates. This is helpful in the long run for the recruiting company.
  • Improve the quality of hire: When you have ATS software assisting you in the hiring process, you can reach numerous candidates from which you can create a talent pool and then select the best candidates.

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