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Are all ATS the same?

Apart from these, some companies also choose to enable assessment tests on their ATS to test the employees in a better way. There are many ATS options available for you in the market. The best thing to do here would be to choose a system that best suits your requirement as well as your budget. One size does not fit all. Find a system that is suitable for your hiring volume and reduces your work burden instead of adding more stress. When asked, 96% of the businesses say that using an ATS has improved their hiring process. There is a talent shortage in today’s age and if you fall short of HR tech, then your competitors may get hold of the skilled candidates out there. Investing in any kind of technology to improve work quality is the foundation that the new-age companies are built on. You just have to find the right software that suits you best.

As the HR industry is moving towards mainstreaming technology in its core activities, all businesses are taking advantage of the benefits that HR tech has to offer. HR technology helps recruiters do their jobs in a better way. Technology saves the most important resource of humankind- TIME. This leaves the team with more time to build human relations instead of sitting on administrative and repetitive tasks.

ATS and CRM are two very popular technologies used by talent acquisition teams. CRM stands for candidate relationship management. But this article is about what is an ATS and if they all are the same?

What is an ATS?

The full form of ATS in HR is the Applicant Tracking system. ATS makes the hiring process easier and faster for the employer. It helps the recruiter perform the recruitment process in such a way that is cost and time-efficient. With large numbers of applications coming in, it is easy for recruiting companies to lose grip and become unorganized. This is where an ATS helps. It collects and organizes applicant information so that all data related to the hiring process is in one place.

Are all ATS the same?

No, all ATS are not the same. They differ from each other. ATS provided by different vendors have different functions besides the core functions. They offer different functionality and complexity. An expensive ATS software may differ in advanced features from a cheap ATS. Oftentimes, companies that have large-scale requirements also customize their ATS to get advanced features that suit their specific requirements. In this way, ATSs from the same company can also differ. Applicant Tracking Systems also have different reporting functions.

All ATS has some basic functions that serve the purpose of making the hiring process faster and efficient. These are:

  1. Receiving and organizing applications
  2. Resume storage and resume screening
  3. Sending personalized messages to candidates and engaging with them
  4. Scheduling and rescheduling interviews as per the candidate’s and employer’s availability
  5. Emailing candidates
  6. Post jobs on several job boards
  7. Communicating with the inner teammates
  8. Basic onboarding tools
  9. Social media sharing
  10. Tracking the sources of candidate incoming

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