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Different factors that contribute to a successful application process

A good application process is essential for your employer's brand. It is the first major step in attracting and retaining the top talent, so make it count and do not take it lightly.

The application form is the first starting point of your hiring process and also where candidate experience holds the most importance. It is essential to make a good first impression if you want to make your recruitment process a success. 

Here are some tips that may contribute to designing a successful application process: 

Design a user-friendly recruitment portal 

Brand the Campus Recruitment Portal in such a way that the applicants would get excited to tell their peers about it. Promote a healthy and streamlined environment for the visiting applicants. Your portal should be user-friendly and uncomplicated. Optimize your application portal for smartphones as well as many job seekers who use their mobiles to apply. 

Integrate HR tech 

Invest in a good-quality ATS that’ll help you track the applications throughout the recruitment process. An ATS that provides an enhanced user experience on the front end will be great for your application process. You can add HR bots with pre-filled answers to general questions to answer candidates’ queries in real-time. 

Add a human touch

With less load of administrative tasks because of the ATS, you will have time to form human connections with high-potential candidates. Too much automation and lack of human touch may leave applicants frustrated.  

Follow up with your applicants 

A short acknowledgment goes a long way. Thank candidates for the time that they devoted to filling out your application form. This can be done through a personalized email and a short thank you message at the end of the application form. The email would confirm that you have received the application and not leave the candidate guessing. 

Empower your applicants 

The lack of flexible interview modes and timings will lead to many potential candidates leaving the form in between or not showing up for the interview. Let them decide the time of the interview according to mutual availability. 

Keep a short application form 

Leave lengthy but important questions for the interview and keep the application as short as possible. Long applications result in too many candidates leaving them in between. This way you will lose many potential applications resulting in less number of candidates to choose from. Ask only relevant information in the form.

Value candidate experience 

Minimize the number of clicks, reduce loading time, and use drop-down menus to make it easy for the applicants. Small considerations like this form up an enhanced candidate experience. Make it as easy for the candidates to apply as possible. 

Keep personalized messages 

As candidate and employee experience have started gaining importance, personalization plays a major role. Personalized messages make the reader feel that they are important to the company. Keep the candidates informed about the stages of the recruitment process they are in with personalized follow-ups. Even if you have rejected a candidate, send them a personalized and warm message and encourage them to keep in touch for further openings.

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