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How to select the best ATS?

Investing in an ATS should get you ROI. Choose 4 to 6 providers in the market that suit your budget, reach out to them, get demos, enquire about the product, talk to the stakeholders, show them the product, check customer support and you would be good to go. When comparing different products, compare their usability, features, price, and user interface with each other.

An ATS system can make your hiring process a lot easier. It helps a great deal in managing applicants while hiring. The automation and data organization in an ATS help the recruiters do their job better. But how can one choose the right software?

Here is a quick guide on how to select the best ATS:  

Know your needs

Before buying anything, the first step is to assess what your business needs are. What are the issues you are currently facing in your recruitment process? What are the things you need support for? What is the scale of hiring for your company? There are a lot of ATS options in the market, and identifying your requirements will help you choose an appropriate ATS.

Set a budget

Set a budget according to the scale of your requirements. If you hire on a large scale regularly, then don’t settle for cheap recruitment systems, but if you don’t have a big requirement, then investing a huge amount of money on an ATS shouldn’t be necessary. One purpose of ATS is to reduce cost-per-hire. Keep a budget for the right ATS that reduces your costs while hiring.

Choose your best options and take a demo

While choosing the top picks, answer the following questions for yourself:

  1. Does it fulfill your business requirements?
  2. Is the applicant tracking system fitting in your budget?
  3. What do the customer testimonials say about the product?
  4. Can the system be synced with social media handles?
  5. Can it be integrated with your existing technology?

When you have listed down some providers, reach out to them and take a test drive. After Taking a demo, you can see if it can make your hiring process easier. Choose a system that provides you and your team with seamless communication; both within the team and with the candidates.  

Find out about the customer support

This part is important. The customer support after the purchase holds great importance because where are you going to go if you face some problem with the software? You can take it a step further by talking to the existing or past clients about their customer service. Don’t get flattered if your vendor says they are going to offer 24/7 support. The quality of the support matters over the availability.

Select the vendor

After knowing about the feature, taking a demo, and finding out about customer support, you are ready to choose your vendor. Keep in mind to not just choose a vendor but a partner. Your seller should be the one with whom you are comfortable asking any amount of questions you like. Your vendor must be dedicated enough towards you to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Product Design

Alok Nidhi Gupta has built this high tech company from scratch as Co-creator of the organization and lead the organization that filed patents in Smart Metering fields. He has been instrumental in the entire design & development of TalentRecruit’s software offerings, it is under his leadership that recruiters across industries have come to rely on TalentRecruit’s robust solutions.

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