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Role of automation in emerging HR

A rich experience across industry verticals & a strong track record of delivering results in complex global markets best describes Alok’s professional journey A rich experience across industry verticals & a strong track record of delivering results in complex global markets best describes Alok’s professional journey

The purpose of HR is to manage the human capital of a company. HR automation is a tool that helps the HR teams manage the personnel in better ways. Using automation automatically frees up time for more strategic tasks like planning and decision-making. Technologies that enable automation like AI and machine learning are more productive, accurate, and cost-effective at doing tasks as compared to humans.

What is Automation?

Automation means using technology/software/mechanized processes to perform tasks with minimal or zero human intervention. For Example, self-driving vehicles, automated order entry, email automation, etc. to name a few. Innovations like these are an aid to human beings in getting the most out of the things that need to be done regularly.
This article is about how the role of automation in HR.

How Automation is affecting HR?

HR automation refers to automating administrative, mundane, generalist, laborious, and repetitive tasks so that the HR team can focus on the analytical side of HR functions. Emerging HR technologies leverage automation to a great deal. Many significant HR functions, like talent management, learning and development, and payroll management, can be performed efficiently and cost-effectively with HR automation.
Moreover, with the pandemic, HR functions have evolved a lot. HR functions had to adapt to the hybrid model of working or a complete work-from-home mode of working. Nobody can imagine handling their workforce in this new situation without the help of HR tech tools or HR automation. Traditional HR ways are no longer effective in the new modern era of the workplace.

Automating employee support

HR departments receive queries related to leaves, employee benefits, company policies, etc. daily. Major questions are common among most employees. Answering all these HR-related queries can be automated with a live employee support system. A chatbot for employee support takes away the burden of answering queries from the shoulders of the HR team.

Talent management

Talent management functions like recruiting, onboarding, rewarding, and learning can be automated with technology. Automating these routine personnel management processes allows companies to get the most out of them. Automation helps to do these functions in a faster, more productive, and more efficient manner.

Automation of Learning and Development

The training and development function of HR is also automated using technology. Traditional training methods sometimes are not cost-effective and they also don’t allow the employees to learn at their own pace. On the other hand, software that allows employees to access learning courses, modules, resources, and training levels, among others, through their different devices is more beneficial in this age.


The above functions were just examples, but automation in HR is not limited to these. It extends to payroll, analytics, performance management, and many more. HR automation technologies will revolutionize how HR functions are performed, and that journey has already started. Automation gives room for innovation and helps HR teams to perform in such a way that maximizes employee satisfaction and company results. Human resource management just keeps levelling up as more and more companies adopt automation technologies to help them with talent acquisition, management, and retention.
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