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How to build a strong employee referral program using HR technology

An additional tip that you can follow is to acknowledge every referral that’s made. This shows gratitude to every employee who took out his time for participating in the employee referral program. Your employees can refer you to the best-skilled people in the market, but it is your responsibility now to hold and retain them. A strong employer brand, smooth onboarding, great employee experience, and similar things are needed to retain the top performers in the market. A technology-based recruitment process is much better ‌when compared to a traditional recruitment process. Lastly, you need to give your current employees the best employee experience they can ask for so that they feel passionate enough to make others work for you.

Hiring candidates through an Employee Referral program is one of the most effective ways of recruiting new employees. It is more cost-effective than other sources and the employees also move through the interview and assessment phase faster. 

Do you want to make your employee referral program more efficient? One of the best ways of doing this is by using HR technology to deploy Employee Referral software. 

An Employee Referral program can work without integrating any technology too. Some ATS has built-in modules for referral programs and companies can also take referrals organically. In contrast, if a company wants to operate a referral program more efficiently and/or on a large scale, then it makes sense to invest in HR technology that can help to build a strong employee referral program. 

  1. Onboard current employees: All the employees who are going to participate in the referral program must know how they have to do it. They must know how to use the software that is being used by the company for the employee referral program. Encouraging more and more employees to participate is one way to increase your talent pool, and it also increases employee engagement and makes them feel involved. 
  1. Keep a reward system: Make sure that the software you are choosing has a proper reward system for the employees who are referring to excellent candidates for your company. Your employees would use their time, effort, and network to find the best candidates for you. They would feel more motivated to do this if their referrals are incentivized. AI-based software analyzes the performance of employees hired through referrals and can reward the employees who brought them. The incentivization program can be based on how long the employee stays with the company too. 

Automate the whole process: You can add the field for entering the name of the employee who is referred to the application process so that you can know which candidate's application came through referrals. Then your talent acquisition system can highlight the referred employees so that you can track them separately. An automated system may also ask for confirmation from the employees whose names were entered to double-check the legitimacy and make your employee referral program full-proof.

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