How to Use AI for High-Volume Hiring

When it comes to bulk hiring, AI has become an indispensable tool for recruiters. It enables them to efficiently hire the best candidates while providing great candidate experience. The use of AI in hiring speeds up the entire process, which is crucial as long hiring processes can make skilled candidates lose interest in the company. By letting AI handle routine work in the hiring process, recruiters can focus on human-centric tasks, such as building relationships with candidates and assessing their fit with the company culture. This approach not only saves time and resources but also ensures that the recruitment process is more effective and leads to better hires.

To increase their hiring volume while keeping costs low and maintaining the quality of hires, talent acquisition teams should use AI recruiting tools in their hiring process. With the pandemic causing many people to lose their jobs and now eager to re-enter the job market, the volume of job applications has significantly increased. AI can handle routine tasks and speed up the hiring process, allowing recruiters to consider a larger pool of applicants without sacrificing quality.

The idea is to increase the hiring volume without sacrificing the quality of hires and keeping hiring costs minimum. This can be done through automation. Automating routine tasks can be done with the help of machine learning and artificialintelligence.

Hiring with AI reduces bias and allows the recruiters to consider the whole slot of applications because AI can handle a large amount of work that can be too time-consuming and stressful for humans.

Here are some tasks that AI can assist with:

• Online resume parsing: With many applications, manually going through each one is not feasible. AI can parse resumes online and filter out the best matches.

• Candidate matching: AI matches candidates' skills with the job description, ensuring that the candidate is highly relevant to the job opening.

• Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots can assist candidates throughout the recruiting process, enhancing the candidate experience.

• Interview scheduling: Automating the interview scheduling process saves a lot of time for recruiters, especially when bulk-hiring.

• Profile screening: AI can collect publicly available information on candidates, providing recruiters with additional insights.

• Optimized job advertising: AI can analyse job campaigns and suggest sources for generating more applications and high-quality candidates, while also helping to budget the recruitment process.

AI recruiting tools reduce bias and stress for recruiters while also providing a better candidate experience.

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