AI - from automation to strategic decision making

Organizations that don't use AI-based analytics are likely to face challenges. They may spend a lot of money on big data that isn't being analyzed comprehensively or quickly enough to have the most significant impact. AI can save time for decision-makers by analyzing vast amounts of data from different sources and generating reports so that managers can focus their important time on strategic planning. It also helps businesses automate routine, laborious, and administrative tasks so that employees don't waste their time on low-priority tasks every day. AI has undoubtedly helped businesses around the world make better decisions and improve significantly. The integration of AI in business processes will continue to grow in the future due to its benefits and the intense competition between businesses in the market.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate, particularly indecision-making. AI has a significant impact on data-driven decision-making, and it can be combined with automation, including machine learning and deep learning, to achieve better results.

AI automation offers businesses the benefits of automation, such as increased speed, efficiency, time savings, and scalability, coupled with the insights, flexibility, and processing power of AI technology. By using AI automation, businesses can offload repetitive tasks to machines while augmenting their capabilities. Insights generated by AI automation can also be used for strategic decision-making.

The efficiency of automation powered by AI has extended beyond the traditional assembly lines. In areas like marketing and distribution, AI has accelerated processes and provided decision-makers with reliable insights.

AI-driven analytics can help companies make better decisions for their new business models and contribute to three key areas of business success: increasing revenue, controlling costs, and ensuring high-quality user experiences.

To increase revenue, businesses can use AI/ML tools, approaches, and algorithms to identify new business opportunities, optimize markets, and improve marketing and sales effectiveness. They can also track the performance of specific products and services in the market and analyze factors influencing market trends.

To control costs, companies can use AI/ML to identify blind spots in their operations costs, particularly in costly areas like payroll and cloud services.AI can help businesses discover what is causing them to overpay for these services or identify cost-effective marketing campaigns that avoid wasting money.

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