AI & Machine Learning in HRM - The Evolution Continues

Conclusion AI and ML will continue to stay in HRM functions, and they are not going anywhere. They will be staying to help HRM stay relevant and competitive in the coming age. Moreover, AI and ML align with the new concept of agility in HR functions. HR Technology increases the responsiveness and adaptiveness of HRM functions and that creates agility within an organization. AI and ML help HR managers to make informed decisions and calculated risks. These technologies are replacing traditional HR practices and organizations are looking forward to it.

HRM has been already using AI for several tasks now. It is used to source the most relevant candidates, engage with them, onboard them, train them, and much more. The usage of AI and ML in HR functions is not new. AI is impacting HRM functions in many ways. Below listed are some areas where AI is making a huge impact: 

Improved decision making with AI and ML predictions 

AI can be used for predicting the performance of employees, changes in employee engagement rate, ROI, retention rates, unforeseen risks, etc. These predicting capabilities of technology help managers to see beyond the naked eye and make better and informed decisions. AI collects data from various sources and analyzes it to find anything that can apply to making an HR decision. 

Building better employee referral programs 

Hiring through an employee referral program can get tricky if the kinds of referrals are not analyzed well. AI can analyze data from previous referral programs and detect when candidates similar to successful candidates in the past are being recommended. AI helps to gain useful insights into who refers the most valuable candidates too. 

Enhanced employee engagement rate 

AI-powered chatbots can converse with employees like a human replica. These chatbots play a huge role in HR. They solve queries of candidates and employees, give them resources to learn from, and also gain useful insights and feedback on what the employees feel about a particular thing. HR managers can then work on this feedback and prove to their employees that their voices matter. 

Making recruitment easy with AI 

AI/ML-based recruiting processes are considered life-savers for the HR teams of today. They don’t have to waste time matching resumes to job descriptions, scheduling interviews, managing talent pools, or answering every applicant query manually. AI does these jobs efficiently and frees up the HR team’s time to focus on strategic and human-centric tasks. 

AI in the L&D department 

AI/ML can build learning pathways that are purely personalized for the learner based on capacity, current skills, job role, etc. HR managers don’t have time to analyze the learning style of each employee and help them out with personalized training programs. This work can be handled with the help of AI. Today, skills become outdated fast, considering the fast world we live in, that is why it is important to keep your workforce trained with the latest equipment. 

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