Procedure for Zoom Integration

1. Navigate to settings module as referred to below

From the modules tab on the left side of the ATS, select the Settings Module.

2. Click on the Integrations

Go to the Integrations section and choose it.

3. Click on the Meeting

Select Meeting from the options box on the left after selecting the Integrations option.

4. Here the user can see an Zoom option and he/she can click onSee more to view how to activate the Zoom integration.

The user will be led to the Zoom Authentication tab to authorize your zoom credentials and obtain your permission to generate a meeting link on your behalf when the option to integrate zoom meetings in the ATS is triggered from this panel. 
You can schedule a meeting in Zoom from TalentRecruit ATS once the integration has been enabled.

5. Post integrating user can see that Zoom status as Active as referred to below

Ensure that the Active option is visible after you have activated it.

How To Deactivate

In order to deactivate the integration, the user can click on the Deactivate button. Post clicking, user should give a confirmation by clicking on Deactivate as referred to below.

Steps to schedule a meeting in Zoom Via the TalentRecruit ATS.

1. Navigate to the Jobs Module on your ATS page

From the ATS's left panel, select the Jobs module.

2. Select a requirement which you have created and open it

Open the Requirement for which you want to arrange an interview.

3. Choose the applicant for whom you want to arrange an interview.

Select the candidate you wish to schedule an interview with after opening the requirement. Click on the candidate to access the candidate tab.

4. Navigate to the interview section in the Candidate Tab and Click on ‘ADD’

After selecting the candidate and opening the candidate tab, select the interview option and click on the ADD option

5. Select the type of interview you want to schedule and configure the email body according to your needs.

Select the interview type and configure the timings and duration from the panel on the left. Configure the email body according your needs. A meeting link for zoom will be generated for the same.

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