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Substantially improved our candidate sourcing capabilities and enabled effective engagement

The implementation of Talent Recruit has substantially improved our candidate sourcing capabilities and enabled effective engagement with them while streamlining the critical process of report generation to improve data-visibility within the organization

Mr.Manmeet Singh

President, Manpower Group India

Their edge is AI & ML driven sourcing & reporting modules.

“We were slightly sceptical in the beginning to implement TalentRecruit, as it was a new process for us as an organisation with too much of stake involved, but TR team since beginning supported us very well, while maintaining tough TATs and man to man onboarding support. Their product includes each details of recruitment process, giving user flexibility to define process flow and various control measures. Their edge is AI & ML driven sourcing & reporting modules. Although, with growing market there is a constant need to evolve better, understanding the same they always takes customer feedback very carefully and try to bridge it in best possible time and method.

Mr. Koji Murata,

CEO, New Era (An EN World Group Company)


Their flexibility, agility and scalability are maximum, and it is amazing how open and
trusted they are.

“We are very satisfied and happy to have found Talent Recruit as our ATS technology partner. During our ongoing relationship, Talent Recruit has developed a good understanding of our own vision and work flows and found a
way to successfully complement our operations. Their flexibility, agility and scalability are maximum, and it is amazing how open and trusted they are. Talent Recruit team has reason to be proud of this product and we hope as we begin to promote to our clients that, you will see the fruits of your efforts"

Francis Padamad

Senior Director – Asia Pacific | RPO & BPS Practice


Battle Tested. Recruiter Approved.
A Business Enabler for Staffing Firms

Select from a list of modules, from CRM to Billing with end-to-end Analytics, to tailor the
ATS to your needs & configure workflows the way you want

Automated Applicant Tracking

On-Target Hires with Artificial Intelligence

Empower & arm your recruiters with data-driven algorithms & the necessary tools

  • Analyze each job to rank & suggest the best matched candidates
  • Auto-display profiles similar to those sourced by your team
  • Understand the selection criteria of Hiring Managers & Interviewers by analysing recruiter interactions
Automated Applicant Tracking

CRM for Staffing

Win More Customers & Grow Your Business

Maximize your revenue streams and gain a competitive advantage with our cutting-edge sales pipeline management tools. With the ability to track every opportunity, monitor leads, and assess their business probability, our platform empowers you to build a weighted pipeline and prioritize your efforts. By utilizing these tools, you can establish strong relationships with clients and cultivate a loyal customer base.

CRM for Staffing
Candidate Activity

Candidate Engagement

Become the first to be remembered & delight your
candidates and new hires

Empower & arm your recruiters with data-driven algorithms & the necessary tools #RecruitSmart:

  • Enhance your employer brand with carefully crafted email engagement
  • Extend your recruiters reach to active & passive job seekers with SocialRecruit
  • Track the redirection of candidates engaged on social platforms to your career page & get social!
Candidate Engagement
Congrats Message
Contract Staffing
Contract Employees
Contract Employees

Contract Staffing

A Contingent Workforce Management Solution

Revolutionize your contract employee management process and gain a competitive edge with our powerful platform. Our tools provide a streamlined and efficient way to manage your extended workforce with care, tracking resource deployment, contract expiry dates, and onboarding status at client locations. You can easily manage time and expense sheets, simplifying the payroll process and ensuring that your contract employees receive the support they need to succeed.

Back Office

End-to-End Recruitment Business Automation

Focus on developing brilliant talent acquisition strategies while automating your back-office tasks including:

TalentRecruit Ecosystem: Technology & Integrations

Blending Technology and Innovations to Maximize ROI

Gain a competitive edge with Talent Recruit ATS, the ultimate solution for optimizing your hiring process and outperforming your competitors. Our platform is built on the core principles of Intelligence, Automation, and Analytics, providing end-to-end recruitment and onboarding automation to streamline your workflow. With the flexibility to integrate with other essential tools in your HR technology stack, our platform offers a comprehensive solution for your recruitment needs.

Seamlessly integrate with:

  • HRMS/HRIS Platforms
  • Email & SMS
  • Assessment Platforms
  • Back Ground Verification
  • Job Boards & Social
Technology & Integrations

The AI Driven Recruitment Revolution is Here

Blogs on Artificial Intelligence

10 Quick Tips About Blogging
Artificial Intelligence

10 Quick Tips About Blogging

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a strong online presence. One way to do that is by starting a blog. Blogging can help you drive traffic to your website, establish your expertise in your industry, and build a loyal audience. However, with so many blogs out there, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. That's why we've put together these 10 quick tips to help you outrank your competitors.

Global recruitment trends: How is AI revolutionizing recruitment worldwide
Artificial Intelligence

Global recruitment trends: How is AI revolutionizing recruitment worldwide

AI also enables organizations to manage larger talent pools for hiring purposes. This means that you have a wider selection of potential employees to choose from, allowing you to pick the best fit for your company. The growth of a company relies heavily on the quality of its employees and their suitability for the roles offered. Therefore, if there is a way to improve the efficiency of HR functions, it makes sense to adopt it and contribute to the growth of your business. With the help of AI tools, you can ease the burden on your HR team and improve the quality of their work.

AI - from automation to strategic decision making
Artificial Intelligence

AI - from automation to strategic decision making

Organizations that don't use AI-based analytics are likely to face challenges. They may spend a lot of money on big data that isn't being analyzed comprehensively or quickly enough to have the most significant impact. AI can save time for decision-makers by analyzing vast amounts of data from different sources and generating reports so that managers can focus their important time on strategic planning. It also helps businesses automate routine, laborious, and administrative tasks so that employees don't waste their time on low-priority tasks every day. AI has undoubtedly helped businesses around the world make better decisions and improve significantly. The integration of AI in business processes will continue to grow in the future due to its benefits and the intense competition between businesses in the market.

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