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To meet the demands of a growing multi-billion dollar HR Tech Industry TalentRecruit partners with the best software consultants and technology platforms to deliver innovative Recruitment & Onboarding Software Solutions for companies and industries of all sizes. Be a part of our journey as we develop and implement cutting-edge software solutions and deliver bespoke customer experiences.

A Billion Opportunities for our Partners

According to a Google-Accel Report, the HR Tech Industry for Recruitment & Onboarding is poised to be over 10 Billion USD ($). We ensure to arm our business & technology partners with faster, more intuitive, flexible, and customizable software solutions that provide a lot more flexibility over conventional ATS systems.

We provide partners with opportunities for long-term revenue streams with a portfolio of products that can manage everything related from Recruitment & Onboarding to Coding Tests & Examinations.

What does it mean to partner with TalentRecruit?

In the rapidly growing HR Technology industry, TalentRecruit is amongst the most trusted providers of scalable, secure, multi-lingual and configurable Recruitment & Onboarding Automation Platforms. We are the fastest growing Recruitment Technology Company operating out of Bangalore in IT Capital of India and offer the most comprehensive, innovative, feature-rich and user friendly Recruitment & Onboarding Automation Software that is driven by Artificial Intelligence.

We’ll be happy to partner with you if you think you have an eye for quality, a passion for Advanced HR technology & a heart that beats to deliver value to your customers across the globe. Some of the responsibilities of our partners include:

a. Analyze the Business Environment

Provide solutions to valuable clients in your region and leverage the support of TalentRecruit’s business & support team to deliver high impact recruitment solutions

b. Engage with Clients in your Locality

Identify Business Opportunities in your geography and leverage our technology to provide them with advanced & comprehensive recruitment, assessment & onboarding solutions

c. Leverage your Regional Expertise

Grow your business and maximize your profitability with the added advantage of utilizing our expertise in software implementation and our dedicated customer service support. We’d love to be a part of your amazing growth story!

d. Provide Business Consulting & Support

Our Mulit-Lingual & Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant Platform is suitable for organizations of all types. Be it Enterprise, SMB’s or Startups, you can leverage our technology to help customers in your region with a personalized approach that only you can offer

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