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Collaborative Partnership Program

To meet the demands of a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar HR Technology Industry, Talent Recruit partners with the
best software consultants and technology platforms to deliver innovative Recruitment & Onboarding
Software Solutions for companies of all sizes. With us, we are developing and implementing cutting-edge software solutions
and delivering bespoke customer experiences.

Partnership Program

A Billion Opportunities for our Partners

Over 400 Billion USD ($) is projected to be invested in recruitment and onboarding in the global HR tech industry. Our recruitment software solutions provide more flexibility than conventional applicant tracking systems, because they are faster, more intuitive, flexible, and customizable.

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Our products can be used to manage everything from Recruitment & Onboarding to Coding Tests & Examinations, providing partners with long-term revenue streams.

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What Does It Mean To Partner With Talent Recruit?

As a leader in the HR Tech space, Talent Recruit has established itself as a reliable provider of scalable, secure, multi-lingual, and configurable recruitment and onboarding automation platforms. Our advanced software, which harnesses the advantages of AI, is quickly becoming one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly solutions on the market. We are based in India's IT capital Bangalore, and if you share our commitment to excellence, we'd love to collaborate with you.


Analyze the Business Environment

Identify Business Opportunities in your geography and leverage our technology to provide them with advanced & comprehensive recruitment, assessment & onboarding solutions.

Engage with Clients

Engage with Clients in your Locality

Provide solutions to valuable clients in your region and leverage the support of Talent Recruit’s business & support team to deliver high-impact recruitment solutions.


Leverage your Regional Expertise

Our Mulit-Lingual & Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant Platform is suitable for organizations of all types. Be it Enterprise, SMB’s or Startups, you can leverage our technology to help customers in your region with a personalized approach that only you can offer.

Business Consulting and Support

Provide Business Consulting & Support

Grow your business and maximize your profitability with the added advantage of utilizing our expertise in software implementation and our dedicated customer service support. We’d love to be a part of your amazing growth story!

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