A Social & Collaborative Approach to New Hire Onboarding

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Plan a delightful first-day for your new hires and track onboarding metrics with ease

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Why Choose TalentRecruit Onboarding

A signed contract marks the beginning of a new set of processes that are critical to ensure effortless conversion of candidates to employees. Delight your new hires and recruiters with a paperless, transparent & hassle-free onboarding process.

With TalentRecruit’s Onboarding portal, new hires can get to know their day plan, sign documents, attend trainings, locate their office and know about their designated “buddy” — all before their first day.
Engage new hires and give them a sneak preview into the company culture via a New Hire Onboarding Portal
Arm new hires with the right tools, resources, and documents to streamline the onboarding process
Delight candidates with branded portals, auto-fill digital forms, explainer videos, and e-signatures in order to save time for other activities you have planned
Empower new hires with a self-service platform for orientation meetings and training
Collect timely feedback with online questionnaires and feedback forms

A Comprehensive Onboarding Solution

Tailor the solution to your processes and clearly define each onboarding stage and task to streamline onboarding
Make onboarding a social experience & go paperless with web-forms and portals
Deliver targeted content for a personalized experience & speed up time-to-productivity with onboarding camps
Add clarity with real-time metrics & collect valuable feedback from your fresh new hires

Rethink the way you hire with a digital recruitment process