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A Virtual Recruiter: Driven By Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

ERIKA is 24x7 Robotic Recruiter and she's here to help you #RecruitSmart

Personalized Engagement

Nurture your talent pool with effective short & long term e-connects

Stop email blasting your precious candidates! Our recruitment robot ERIKA creates unique & personalized messages to engage candidates on various topics to improve email response rates and intelligently responds to candidate queries.

Personalised Engagement

Proactive Outreach

Stay on the top-of-mind of each candidate

ERIKA empowers you to recruit better, is capable of proactively reaching out to talent for each job you offer and is happy to recommend additional job opportunities that match the skills-sets of the candidates you are engaging.

Intelligent Status-Change

AI driven candidate engagement for tech savvy recruiters

ERIKA’s AI allows her to intelligently respond to candidate queries and change the status of candidates interested for the jobs you are offering based on the engagement. If she thinks that there’s even a 10% of possibility that a candidate may be interested & requires human attention to make a decision, she’ll notify your recruiters to pick up their phones & get to work.

Intelligent Status Change

24/7 Assistant

Enable anywhere-anytime engagement
with your candidates

ERIKA works tirelessly, long after your recruiters have left the workplace to immediately respond to candidate emails & queries. Get the ability to define follow-up process & frequency to help recruiters stay in touch & nurture your talent pipelines.

An AI driven recruitment robot for the future ready recruiter.

Always available 24x7 to engage candidates and ready to assist you in all your hiring activities. Talk to our recruitment software experts to learn more about how ERIKA is empowering recruitment teams across the globe by improving candidate sourcing, assessment & engagement.

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Blogs on Artificial Intelligence

What’s All The Hype About AI-Driven Skills Management
Artificial Intelligence

What’s All The Hype About AI-Driven Skills Management

The overall advantage of using AI for recruiting is that it cuts down the manual research and assessment work of the talent acquisition team. This, in turn, reduces the time taken during the recruiting process and also helps the recruiting company to find better candidates. Humans don’t understand how AI does match-making and which variables it weighs to declare a candidate as a good fit for the job. The best approach in this situation would be to go with software that can be under the control of the HR team. This way, they can keep a check on what algorithms and variables the software is using so that they can change anything that is creating bias.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
Applicant Tracking System

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Businesses of all sizes can use ATS to speed up their hiring process, but it is more useful for large-scale companies that are regularly hiring employees for various job positions. ATS is also useful when the hiring process of a company is long and complex or the TA team is having difficulty in managing the applicant database.

Are all ATS the same?
Applicant Tracking System

Are all ATS the same?

Apart from these, some companies also choose to enable assessment tests on their ATS to test the employees in a better way. There are many ATS options available for you in the market. The best thing to do here would be to choose a system that best suits your requirement as well as your budget. One size does not fit all. Find a system that is suitable for your hiring volume and reduces your work burden instead of adding more stress. When asked, 96% of the businesses say that using an ATS has improved their hiring process. There is a talent shortage in today’s age and if you fall short of HR tech, then your competitors may get hold of the skilled candidates out there. Investing in any kind of technology to improve work quality is the foundation that the new-age companies are built on. You just have to find the right software that suits you best.

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