Win more business with a Smart CRM Platform

Customer Relationship Management for Recruitment Agencies

Enable your sales and recruiting teams to work together to close deals faster.

With Talent Recruit's CRM, your sales team has all the tools they need to close more deals. Get all sales members on the same page and allow them to view real-time lead, client, and contact details based on defined user access rights.

Management for Recruitment

Customer management - simplified

Effortlessly manage all customer information including consulting fees, contract details, contact info, and much more. Talent Recruit brings you a one-stop solution to manage your clients with the care they deserve!

Customer Management

Win More Customers & Grow Your Business

Build an amazing sales pipeline & never miss an opportunity to generate new revenue streams with the ability to track each new opportunity.

  • Track customer interactions from a centralised platform to move deals faster.
  • Drive customer engagement - on the go - with the most up-to-date information.
  • Monitor leads, their business probability, the weighted pipeline and more.
Win Customers

Visualize your sales pipeline with CRM analytics

Go beyond business intelligence software with augmented analytics for every industry and business user.

  • Spot new recruitment business opportunities by analysing the right data.
  • Customise and extend your analytics to match your needs.
  • Build your own reports to track user & team performance.
Visualize Sales
Talent Recruit can help recruitment agencies of all sizes and industries grow sales
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