Configurable Recruitment & Onboarding Workflows

Talent Recruit

Design your own Recruitment Process

DIY Recruitment Workflows

Independently configure your hiring processes
TalentRecruit’s products are highly configurable and functionally rich. Modify your workflows as needed to stay ahead of the competition and reach out to the best talent
Approval Hierarchies for Job Creation & Offer Release
Assessment sheets for Candidate Pre-Screening
Comprehensive Offer Module for various roles
Configure Email Templates for seamless engagement
Configurable Onboarding Platform
Recruitment software
Recruiting software

Compliance with Data Protection Laws

A GDPR ready Recruitment Platform
Under the Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and similar data privacy laws that are springing-up across the globe, your candidates can expect greater data protection, privacy, and control.

Learn how TalentRecruit helps you #StayCompliant and #RecruitSmart with options to configure your Data Protection and policies to be displayed to candidates as they register and apply for jobs
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Scheduled & Ad Hoc Analytics

Empower Recruiters to discover and share powerful insights that inspire action.
Our Interactive analytics & reports allow you to drill down through various levels of your recruitment & onboarding data at the click of a button. Navigate, sort, filter and view any and all data for your specific needs.
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Recruiting software
Multi Lingual Platform

A Multi-Lingual Platform

Recruit in the language you are most comfortable in
TalentRecruit offers multi-lingual capabilities and we currently provide the platform in Spanish, English, Romanian, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian . If you’re searching for a Recruitment Platform in a specific language, let us know –you’ll see, we speak your language!

User Access Control and Permissions

Ensure commensurate system access to various users
Recruitment is a team effort that requires contributions from various team members. TalentRecruit enables you to set Roles and Access Permissions for your Hiring Team with varying levels of Access Rights to ensure that you can share information on the ATS on a need-to-know basis.
Recruiting Software
Recruiting software

Stay on Point with Alerts & Notifications

Fine tune the way your recruiters get alerts
It’s easy to get lost in the clutter when managing recruitment, whether it is for High Volume Hiring or Managing Niche Recruitment. Fine tune the way your recruiters get alerts with user friendly Alerts & Notifications that can be configured to be displayed for various actions.

Rethink the way you hire with a digital recruitment process