Hiring Simplified by Artificial Intelligence

Talent Recruit

Recruit at Hyperspeed with AI Driven Talent Recommendations

Artificial Intelligence AI
Source with AI
Easily connect with top talent wherever they are with reduced sourcing costs
Mitigate Bias
Focus on the candidate experience and improve the quality of hires
Talent Management
Talent Engagement
Keep your talent pool engaged and appraised on all future opportunities

AI Built for Recruitment Automation

The Match-Making Machine

From talent identification & ranking to best-matching candidates to the right job
TalentRecruit Empowers your recruiters to select the people that best suit your requirement with powerful AI recruitment features
Instantaneous Candidates Ranking for each job with zero bias
Identifies top candidate matches across internal databases
Recommends additional roles to hiring teams where incoming applicants fit
Match Making Machine
Virtual Recruiter

ERIKA: A Virtual Recruiter

Your very own recruitment assistant
ERIKA is capable of proactively reaching out to talent for each job you offer and is happy to recommend additional job opportunities that match the skills-sets of your candidates.
Keeps talent pools engaged and in-the-know on future opportunities
Enables the candidate experience to continue past the point of rejection

High-Volume Hiring at Scale

Prioritize candidate pre-screening and effectively manage large talent pipelines
Ensure your recruiters aren’t overwhelmed and never miss out on great talent that comes your way. TalentRecruit eases the pressure of high-volume hiring by leveraging Machine Learning to help hiring teams.
Share relevant positions in your company with applicants that match the job
AI that learns immediately from user feedback, surfacing better recommendations over time
Hiring scale

Rethink the way you hire with a digital recruitment process