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Experience the power of AI in ATS software with Erika: Generative AI-powered Robotic Recruiter

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Advanced Recruitment Technology

Discover & Engage

Find the right talent for each job. On-time, Always!

Unlock the Power of AI-driven Sourcing with Talent Recruit. In today's highly competitive job market, finding the right talent can be a daunting task. However, with Talent Recruit's cutting-edge AI-driven sourcing capabilities, you can easily find the right candidates at the right time and at the right cost.

A Generative AI-powered Robotic Recruiter

ERIKA - A Virtual Assistant powered by Machine Learning algorithms, helps you find the best-matched candidates by analyzing each candidate's data point.

  • Analyze & Learn the candidate shortlisting patterns of hiring managers & interview panelists.
  • Rank candidates & recommend the best match for your jobs.
  • Generative AI enables personalized engagement and response management to empower recruiters to nurture their talent pipeline
Virtual Recruiter

Built for the Modern Technology-Savvy Recruiter

Empower your recruiters to get your jobs in front of a wider audience tapping into the largest candidate database in the world – Social Media.

  1. Enhance your employer brand with social job posting.
  2. Extend your recruiters reach to active & passive job seekers.
  3. Monitor candidate traffic from social platforms to your career page.
Social Recruit
Candidate in System
Candidate Activity

A powerful & configurable candidate sourcing platform to attract talent.

  • Career Site
  • Job Boards Connect
  • Employee Referral
  • Internal Job Posting
  • Gmail & Outlook
  • Agency Referral
  • Campaign Manager
Inbound Sourcing

Assess & Interview

A deep-dive into holistic candidate assessment

Any recruitment process is incomplete without a clear assessment stage. Our technology arms your team with the pre-screening & assessment essentials that they need to create an efficient process to move the right candidates forward while collecting feedback from the concerned stakeholders.

1. Automated Interview Scheduler

Adopt a collaborative approach towards the interview scheduling process that allows candidates, hiring managers & interview panelists to share convenient time slots with each other to eliminate recruiter intervention in the interview scheduling process.

2.  Interview Evaluation & Feedback

Easily create and save Evaluation Sheets as templates for various positions you offer with our Multi-Level Evaluation platform. Track candidate scores and compare them to make informed hiring decisions to streamline the candidate selection process.

Interview Management

Arm you’re Hiring Managers with a one-stop solution to view candidates information, updates on requisitions, feedback on profiles, Job & Offer approvals and much more.

Hiring Manager Portal
Hiring Manager Portal
Hiring Manager Portal

Foster a sense of belonging & a culture of innovation by bringing diverse individuals together into teams that move with clockwork efficiency.

TalentRecruit helps you enhance your diversity and inclusion hiring strategies by employing AI to eliminate unconscious recruiter bias that may creep into your hiring process because every employee is unique and brings with them a wide variety of viewpoints and perspectives!

Eliminate Bias

Offer Management

Acquire top talent with minimal time lags during your offer roll-out process

Create, save and track any number of complex, simple or logic-based offers and quickly roll them out through an automated offer approval mechanism.

Create multiple offer templates and manage complex offer calculations

Create, configure, compare and manage candidate offers for various roles with a full fledge offer management system. Define rule based Offer-Logic for even the most complex candidate offers and save them as templates for future use. You can create any offer just within few seconds!

Branded Offer templates

Create offer fitment screens and automate offer approvals

Automate and define an inclusive offer approval process to optimise the decision-making during the critical task of candidate offer roll-out. Delight your candidates with quick, well-planned offers they can’t resist.

Offer Approvals

Stay on top of candidate offers that are made

Impress selected candidates with a one-click offer acceptance process and get immediate notifications on their decision to join through Electronic Document Signing.

Candidates can raise a query & converse with recruiter while being on offer process!

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Roll out the red carpet for an amazing new hire experience

Give your new hires the resources & tools they need to quickly transition into productive employees and get them On-the-Job Faster with Talent Recruit Onboarding. Upgrade to a user-friendly & feature-rich onboarding solution.

New Hire Delight

Provide a happy & memorable experience that ignite candidate aspirations

Create a branded New Hire Portal that reflects the values and culture of your organization with TalentRecruit. Track the onboarding progress, upload important information to the Document Library, allow candidates to digitally sign agreements or forms and much more from a comprehensive onboarding platform.

Canditate Engagement

Make onboarding interactive and exciting

Improve your Offer-to-Joining Ratio by keeping your new hires engaged with post-offer tasks that help you track and predict their likelihood of joining. TalentRecruit helps you engage with prospective new hires even after you seal the deal to ensure that they show up on Day Zero. Enable your new hires to login to the Onboarding Portal to view all their pending, upcoming & completed tasks using Mobile Application!

Quicker onboarding with auto-filled Smart Forms

Give your new hires the smoothest onboarding experience with a digitized process that eliminates the need for paper based joining forms. Helps you get your Employees On-the-Job faster.

Paperless Onboarding
Auto-Filled Smart Forms

Revolutionize the Hiring Experience

Redefine the hiring experience for Candidates, Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Interview Panelists, the Onboarding Team and all other members involved

Redefine the hiring experience for Candidates, Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Interview Panelists, the Onboarding Team and all other members involved. Talent Recruit bring you a corporate recruitment platform built for modern & “tech-savvy” recruiters, hiring managers & the onboarding team.

Scale hiring activities & bridge gaps in your HR Tech stack

TalentRecruit brings you an agile hiring platform that allows you to seamlessly connect your ATS platform with your existing ecosystem of platforms and with ready integration for selected partners.  Enrich your hiring process to bring in clockwork efficiency with API based integrations from the TalentRecruit Ecosystem.

A seamless recruiting experience with the only recruiting platform in the world with dedicated Mobile App with End-to-End capability

Engage candidates easily via their mobile devices and increase engagement by improving their mobile hiring experience.

  • Further visibility of the jobs you offer and your employer brand.
  • Tailor-made mobile experience to meet your candidate’s expectations.
  • Communicating via WhatsApp, SMS & Email with candidates at each stage of hiring.
  • Simplify the application process and stay top-of-mind.

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Awards & Features

In the Limelight

CeBIT India

+91 Innovation Challenge Award


Winner of +91 Innovation Challenge Award at CeBIT
India 2016


“Best Innovation in HR Technology”

2018 & 2019

Awarded “Best Innovation in HR Technology” at the Genius HR Awards 2018 & 2019


Most Tech Savvy Organization”


“Most Tech Savvy Organization” at the SIDBI-Economic Times India MSE Awards'19 from Minister of Finance & Minister of MSME

World HRD Congress

‘Best Applicant Tracking System’


Winner of the ‘Best Applicant Tracking System’ at the
25th World HRD Congress February 2017


"Start-Up of the Year"


Awarded "Start-Up of the Year" at the National Human Resource Development (NHRD
Chennai) National Conference 2019

National Startup Award

"National Startup Awards”

2020 & 2022

Finalists in the National Startup Awards 2020 & 2022 hosted by the Government of India


"Customer's Choice Award”


Awarded "Customer's Choice Award” by SoftwareSuggest


"Winner of NASSCOM NIPP GCC Fintech Challenge”


Best Employee Onboarding Platform - 2022

World HRD Congress

Winner of _VOIS Innovation Gig Workforce Challenge


Won the award among 130 startups competing in the _VOIS Gig Workforce hiring and management challenge powered by Nasscom

Why Talent Recruit
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Security and Encryption
Security & Encryption

Encrypt personally identifiable information & conduct security audits to ensure a high level of security.

Agility and Configurability
Agility & Configurability

Configure your hiring workflows along with GDPR configuration setting to stay compliant with any regional data protection laws.

AI and Machine Learning
AI & Machine Learning

Eliminate human bias that creeps into the hiring process with auto-rating & ranking of candidates for each job offered.

Robotic recruiter : Erika
Robotic Recruiter: ERIKA

Enhance the entire hiring experience for candidates and HR teams alike with our 24x7 ERIKA - recruitment robot.

Experience the power of an
End-to-End Hiring Platform
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