Good websites get applause. Great websites get candidate traffic.

Talent Recruit

Drive more candidates to your career site and “wow” them with powerful marketing features designed to attract the best talent.

Candidate Career Portal

Make jobs on your career page stand out from the rest!
Inspire candidates to immediately register and apply for jobs on your career site with eye-catching videos, banners or images that make your jobs stand out from the rest! Change the background of the career site to revamp your career site at any time.

Bespoke Employer Branding

A configurable one-stop-solution to your website branding woes
Get the tools you need enable easy maintenance of your career site. Enable your marketing team to effortlessly update the site with the latest content and more – all without the help of external website developers!
Add explainer videos or banners to grab candidate attention
Update or add pictures to change the appearance of the website
Engage candidates with our Poll-of-the-Day feature

The Candidate Experience

Tailor-make your career page with branding for Strategic Hiring
Enhance or Revamp your career site’s overall persona and device ways in which the website design can accentuate your employer brand. Web Page Customization tools (WPC) plays an important role by enabling you to tailor-make and devise a candidate communication strategy specific to your business.

Rethink the way you hire with a digital recruitment process