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How to Use AI for High Volume Hiring

When it comes to hiring in bulk, AI quickly becomes an essential tool for recruiters. It provides a way to efficiently hire the best candidates while providing a great candidate experience. Using AI in hiring speeds up the whole process, this enhances the candidate experience as long hiring processes make the skilled candidates lose interest in the company. Let AI do the routine work in the hiring process and you concentrate on the human-centric tasks.

Talent acquisition teams should incorporate AI recruiting tools into their recruiting processes. Due to the economic turndown during the pandemic, many employees lost their jobs. All the people who lost their jobs are ready to enter the job market again. Both the employers and employees are eager to get the economy running again. Employers want to increase their hiring volume to fill the open positions as fast as possible.

The idea is to increase the hiring volume without sacrificing the quality of hires and keeping hiring costs minimum. This can be done through automation. Automating routine tasks can be done with the help of machine learning and artificialintelligence.

Hiring with AI reduces bias and allows the recruiters to consider the whole slot of applications because AI can handle a large amount of work that can be too time-consuming and stressful for humans.

Here is a list of tasks that AI can be used for:

  1. Online resume parsing: Post-pandemic, companies are receiving huge amounts of applications. Manually going through the applications is not a feasible option especially when recruiters are striving to speed up the hiring process as much as possible. AI can parse resumes online and filter out the best matches.
  1. Matching candidates: AI matches candidates’ skills with the job description of the open position. This ensures that the candidate’s profile is highly relevant to the job opening. AI identifies the most suitable candidates for a job in a time-efficient manner.
  1. Chatbots: AI is used to deploy chatbots to assist the candidates throughout the recruiting process. Chatbots in HR are used for pre-screening, scheduling, Q&A, and more. They also play a huge role in enhancing the candidate experience.
  1. Scheduling interviews: Automating the interview scheduling process can be the biggest benefit of AI as it saves a lot of time for the recruiter. Manually scheduling the interviews when the company is bulk-hiring can become a highly stressful and confusing process. AI auto-schedules interviews of all the candidates according to the availability of the candidate and the employer.
  1. Profile screening: With the assistance of AI, employers can get to know the candidates outside of their resumes too. AI collects all information that is publicly available on the candidate. This saves time for the recruiters as they don’t have to search any information manually now.  
  1. Optimized job advertising: AI can analyze the job campaigns and tell recruiters which sources are generating more applications and high-quality candidates. AI also helps in budgeting the recruitment process in such a way that reduces cost-per-hire.

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