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How AI-powered scalable recruiting will transform candidate search in 2022

Artificial Intelligence has been helping recruiters in their quest to find the right candidates for the job and it will continue to do so in 2022 as well. Investing in AI for recruiting gives ROI greater than the investment provided recruiters know how to integrate it strategically into the recruiting plan. ‍

HR tech is enhancing the jobs of HR managers all over the world. AI-powered recruiting took traditional recruiting to the next level. AI in HR has become mainstream and for all good reasons. It is helping recruiters find better candidates, hire them efficiently, and onboard them smoothly.

AI helps to improve hiring quality

The match-making capabilities of artificial technology are helping recruiters to find better matching candidates for job positions. Searching for candidates becomes easy with AI-powered technology. Going through all the applications and deciding whether the profile is a good fit for the position or not can be a long and hectic process. AI helps with candidate search. There are AI-based mechanisms that recommend candidate profiles according to the job requirements. This saves a lot of time for the recruiters.

Recruiters can use AI to uplevel candidate experience

Quick responses and guidance by AI during the recruitment process can enhance candidates’ experience. Chatbots are available for helping the candidates 24/7. By enhancing the candidate's experience, you also build the employer’s brand in the candidates' eyes.

Chatbots can be fed with frequently asked questions and answers. They also personalize messages for the candidates, which makes them feel important. Companies are taking employee experience seriously now. It is crucial to do so, especially in the ongoing war for talent.

The recruitment process is faster with AI

When a recruiting company posts a job, it can get a large number of responses. Going through all the applications manually can become a very time-consuming task. This, in turn, can delay the recruitment process. In today’s world, a company cannot afford to hold off the candidates very long. This is because the top performers simply don’t wait that long, as they have a lot of opportunities.

Speeding up the recruiting process also gives the HR managers more time to build meaningful relations with the employees. With more time in hand, recruiters can assess candidates more accurately. This holds great importance, as AI can screen the resume but can’t assess the qualitative aspects of the candidate. A candidate’s personality must be a good fit with the company’s values. This can be checked through human conversation only. This shows that AI is not here to take away jobs from humans but to help human beings do their jobs in a better, faster, and enhanced way. Scalable recruiting is the ability to keep up with fluctuating hiring demands.

AI helps the company with scalable recruiting in the following ways:

  1. Build an employer brand
  2. Give an enhanced candidate experience
  3. Streamline recruiting process
  4. Scanning existing candidate databases to extract suitable candidates
  5. Parsing resumes online for a faster recruitment process

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