A Virtual Recruiter: Driven By Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Talent Recruit

ERIKA is an Enterprise Recruiters Intelligent & Knowledge-based Assistant, and she’s here to help you #RecruitSmart

Personalised Engagement

Nurture your talent pool with effective short & long term e-connects
Stop email blasting your precious candidates! Unlike a regular bot, ERIKA creates unique & personalized messages to engage candidates on various topics to improve email response rates

Proactive Outreach

Stay on the top-of-mind of each candidate
Sweet ERIKA is capable of proactively reaching out to talent for each job you offer and is happy to recommend additional job opportunities that match the skills-sets of your candidates

Intelligent Status-Change

AI driven candidate engagement for tech savvy recruiters
ERIKA’s AI allows her to intelligently respond to candidate queries and change the status of candidates interested for the jobs you are offering based on the engagement. If she thinks that there’s even a 10% of possibility that a candidate may be interested & requires human attention to make a decision, she’ll notify your recruiters to pick up their phones & get to work

24/7 Assistant

Enable anywhere-anytime engagement with your candidates
ERIKA works tirelessly, long after your recruiters have left the workplace to immediate respond to candidate emails & queries. Get the ability to define follow-up process & frequency to help recruiters stay in touch & nurture your talent pipelines

Experience the future of recruitment with ERIKA