How AI is changing the recruitment landscape

How AI is changing the recruitment landscape
October 20, 2021

1.  Talent sourcing made fast and easy

The recruiters of today who have started relying on the ever-evolving technology of Artificial Intelligence don’t have to waste weeks or even months sourcing the right talent for their company. AI does the work for them. The recruiting team doesn’t even need to scrutinize all the applications themselves. AI-powered recruitment software screens résumés and ranks the applicants. It has streamlined the selection process so much that it gives candidate recommendations and brings the best candidates to the notice of the recruiters.


This speeds up the process of searching the candidates and gives a head start to the entire recruitment process, filling the requisitions a lot faster. 

2.     Advanced analytics and metrics

AI has madeanalyzing tremendous amounts of data easy for HR recruiters. With hug competition in the market, all companies want to make data-driven decisions to win an edge over their competitors and AI helps them do that. After the assessment of the candidates, AI analyzes the results and draws meaningful conclusions from them, so that recruiters can make the right decision for the company's next hire.

3.           AI-powered virtual recruiter

A more advanced and beneficial feature of AI is the virtual recruiter. Virtual recruiter's ensure that each data point on a candidate is added to the hiring equation to find the best-matched candidates. Powered by machine learning algorithms, our virtual assistant- ERIKA recommends the best matches for your jobs, personalizes engagement with candidates to nurture your talent pipelines, and intelligently responds to candidates’ queries. 

4.           Onboarding made easy 

Artificial Intelligence is used to make the onboarding process easy by tracking the entire process and using auto-filled smart forms, making a user-friendly onboarding platform, and much more. 


Increasingly, AI-powered chatbots are also being used for onboarding, training, and employees elf-service. AI self-service tools could be used by companies to go beyond manual documentation and hold conversations with their employees. 


5.           Changing the time distribution of the HR recruiter

Many critics of AI say that it is taking over human jobs, but instead, AI is doing the exact opposite of that. It is helping humans do their job better. AI is giving a boost to the human job by enhancing the quality and quantity of work done, at a much faster speed and cheaper cost. AI just speeds up the repetitive and less important tasks so that humans can have more time to focus on the more important tasks.  


AI can learn how to find the best talent, but it cannot provide that human touch required to strike a connection with the candidates to make them a part of the team. And recruiters should only use AI to make their jobs easy for them, enriching their quality along the way. 

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