Why Personalized User Experiences Matter

Personalized user experiences have become a must throughout the online time of the users. With the increasing customer-centric culture, personalization at every step of any process, be it selling, hiring, or marketing has become an expectation of the user. Think of yourself as the customer. Don’t you want to receive messages specifically tailored for you or do you like receiving generic messages that everyone gets?
October 19, 2021

Would you want to see recommendations according to your preferences or general recommendations, which are of no use to you? The answer is simple. Every user wants to feel taken care of and like to see messages, emails, recommendations, etc, that are personalized for them. 

Personalization benefits both the user and the organization. It helps to gain a deeper insight into the interests of the user and understand them better for the company. This makes it easier to sell to the user. It helps the user by making them feel important and letting them see relevant recommendations and content that add value to their life. 

Personalizing employee experiences is equally important as personalizing customer experiences because just like customers choose whether or not to buy your product/service, employees or candidates also choose whether to work with your company. 

Employee personalization has become more important than ever 

With more and more integration of technology in HR functions, candidates feel the lack of human touch and communication during the recruiting process. Personalization solves this issue by making the candidates feel valued when they see messages specifically tailored according to their personal details in their inboxes. Companies customize messages for individuals and also send personalized invitations to join the talent pool. Personalized cold outreach emails are used to motivate the candidates or give recommendations according to their personal interests and preferences.

Personalized onboarding experience builds a strong connection 

A staff turnover rate of 20 percent occurs within the first 45 days of employment. This happens when the onboarding process is not solid enough to retain the new hires. Personalizing the onboarding process for the new hires creates a sense of belonging and enhances their onboarding experience. Showing tailored attention to each new employee at every touchpoint of the onboarding process is possible with the use of technology. This builds an instant connection of the new hires with the recruiting company, lowers the turnover rate, and sets the employee up for generating results for the company. When employees feel valued and taken care of, they give their best in return. 

You need to give users a reason to invest their time or money in your company. That will not happen if you don’t make them feel taken care of. In today’s world where inboxes are jammed with hundreds of messages, only the ones which are personalized and add some kind of value to the reader are opened. If you want to stand out from your competitors, then you need to build an organic connection with your target audience and personalization helps to do that.

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