Top Tips to Change Your Career Site into a Powerful Talent Magnet

Importance of having a career site that is a powerful talent magnet A key area that the TA team cannot neglect while trying to source the best talent is optimizing the career site and turning it into a powerful talent magnet using advanced HR technology.
December 21, 2021

Turning a career site into a talent magnet attracts the top talent in the market on autopilot. It enhances the online presence of the company and makes sourcing talent easy for the recruiting company. 

Submitting resumes manually and performing all steps of the hiring process offline is a thing of the past, with the recruiting technology advancing day by day. Building a powerful website is one of the best-recruiting tips that the talent acquisition team can get. 

Tips to transform your career site into a talent magnet 

  1. Have a simple application process: Do not make the mistake of keeping a complex application process because this may become a turnoff for the applicants. Use automated software for parsing resumes, chatbots to assist the applicants, and smart technology to make the process as seamless as possible.  

  1. Showcase employee testimonials: Having the testimonials of current employees on your career site is certain to add a lot of credibility to your company. Make sure to put the testimonials in a way that increases authenticity. Put pictures of the employees or upload video testimonials. This also adds a human touch to the website, which attracts people. 

  1. Have a feedback section: Use feedback forms or comment sections to ask the job seekers whether they got what they were looking for. Check the comment section regularly to remove any blockages that the candidates are facing on your site. 

  1. Add a chatbot to the site: There are mainly two benefits of AI chatbots- they solve the queries of the candidates by giving quick responses and assisting them while they browse through your website. This AI recruitment technology makes the candidate's experience advanced and smooth. 

  1. Leverage the power of SEO blogging: Blogging is a great way to add value to the candidates’ life by giving them useful tips about job applications, industry, personal development, etc., furthermore, making your blogs optimized for the search engines would make your site more visible and this would make the site more reachable to the right candidates. 

  1. Be people-centric: The website should be about the people. The candidates must feel valued and supported throughout their experience on the career site. Any technology used by the recruiting company must be optimized, keeping in mind the employees, recruiters, managers, and candidates, because the recruitment process involves them all. 

Optimize your career site today!

Your work is not over after building a career site. You need to update it and keep it fresh with a CMS that allows you to add powerful content regularly to the career site. Having a trusted AI vendor who could optimize your career site and enable a personalized experience for the candidates on it is a must if you want to transform your career site into a powerful magnet for talent.

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