The Post-Pandemic Talent Shortage and Tips to Combat it

Post-pandemic, there are more job postings as compared to the number of skilled people available to fill them. No matter how much automation companies do, there is still the need for the right talent to operate that automation software and bring more innovation to the company. But with old employees retiring, Gen Z entering the working phase and the pandemic hitting, the market lacks skilled people for the new job positions. Korn Ferry estimates that by the year 2030 the global talent shortage could reach 85.2 million people, resulting in huge losses in economic opportunities for the companies.
December 21, 2021

5 Tips to overcome the Post-Pandemic Talent Shortage 

  1. Leverage the power of technology to become advanced: Using AI for recruitment is one of the best recruiting strategies that your company can apply. Smart HR technology makes searching for candidates easy and quick. Using technology throughout the recruiting process can help to recover from the post-pandemic talent shortage

  1. Build a talent pool: Use talent management systems like applicant tracking systems and candidate relationship management to build and nurture a talent pool that has the hiring database of all the potential candidates and current employees. This makes sourcing talent easy and gives a boost to the hiring process. 

  1. Be flexible according to the needs of your talent: The pandemic has given rise to remote work and the employees have become accustomed to it and Gen Z is also more comfortable working from a location of their choice. The post-pandemic workforce demands flexible working policies, paid leaves, open feedback sessions, proper measures to ensure work/life balance. 

  1. Prioritize upskilling and career development: Attract talent to your company and then invest in training it. This is one of the best-recruiting tips for the TA team. Investing in training the talent of your company gives great ROI in the future. Give your employees the career development opportunities they deserve. This will cover the talent shortage that the pandemic has caused. 

  1. Enhance the employee's experience: To attract and retain the top people, you need to provide an unbeatable employee experience. Only then will the right candidates be attracted to your job postings. Satisfying your employees should be one of your top priorities to receive results in the long run because they are the biggest asset for your business. 

The pandemic has surely caused a talent shortage in the market, with more job opportunities but less skilled people. The best solution to combat this problem would be to invest in training and upskilling your own employees after hiring them. Using advanced HR technology and nurturing talent pools also boost the talent sourcing process. Whether or not you’ll be able to retain talented employees for the long term, that depends on the quality of employee experience you provide. 

Use these recruiting tips to reduce the effects of the talent shortage that the pandemic has caused and you might be able to meet the ever-increasing number of jobs.

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