Retaining Top Talent Through Strong Employment Branding

Your employer brand is how your potential and current employees view you as an employer in the market. Creating a solid image in the eyes of your candidates becomes important when it comes to attracting that creamy layer of talent in the market and retaining it.
October 19, 2021

The employer brand of a company is something that resonates with its values, mission, employee value proposition, and culture. Your candidates get to know what kind of treatment and environment they’ll be getting in your company through your employer branding activities.

Having a strong employer brand makes candidate hiring easy and efficient 

Finding the right candidate for the job becomes easy when you have successfully established a strong employer brand. If you don’t have a solid employer brand, then you might not attract the right candidates for your company. You’ll be left filtering out resumes and taking interviews, but still not finding the right people for the job. This might be because the top talent is not attracted to you, as they are not finding a good enough reason to work with you. 

Employer branding solves this issue by showcasing your company as an employer whom one should work for. Your brand sets your employee value proposition right and communicates it to the top talent in the market. Now, what is an employee value proposition? 

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the returns and rewards that your employees get for contributing to the company. When the recruiting company advertises its EVP in such a way that it attracts the top performers, then we can say that it has created a strong employer brand. 

Employer branding is not only necessary for attracting candidates for recruitment, but also for retaining them. If your competitor has a better employer brand than you and offers more to its employees, then your employees can be tempted to work for them instead of you. So make sure to keep the building of your employer's brand consistent and not just for the hiring phase. 

A great employer branding strategy that is popular in today’s world is maintaining a good and active LinkedIn recruiter profile. Your potential candidates are searching for you on LinkedIn and it, being a professional platform, gives you a great opportunity to pose yourself as a great employer. 

One of the best recruiting tips for any talent acquisition team out there is -- Form out a proper plan for creating your employer brand. It is an investment that brings in greater ROI for the company in the form of attracting and retaining the best people. Candidates get attracted to your company and shortlist you for applying. This way, they apply for the job that is most suited to them and your company only gets those applications that are ready to thrive for your company. The chances of retaining also increase when the employees have a positive image of the company since the first touchpoint. 

At last, your company won’t have to settle for less-skilled candidates because the top talent would be fighting to get a job at your company when you set a solid employer brand.

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