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With the involvement of tech in HR, recruiting has become more and more data-centric. Companies use technology to reduce time-to-hire and hire better candidates. This needs the collection and analysis of a large amount of data. But the question here is: Who is responsible for protecting that candidate's data? Candidates share their personal information with the recruiters and they expect it to be safe. In addition, they also expect it to be used only for the intended purpose.
April 28, 2022

Privacy has become part of candidate experience

Candidates judge the quality of their experience to predict how they’ll be treated as an employee at your organization. If there’s even a slight feeling in the candidate's mind that their data is not being handled responsibly by the recruiter, then the hiring results will not be as good as the recruiter would like. Candidates should also have the right to get their data removed from an organization’s database whenever they want to.  

Your employer brand becomes stronger

An employer branding strategy focuses on aspects like company culture or employee benefits, but employers forget the importance of showing that they care about the data privacy of their applicants and employees. As an employer, you need to actively show that you protect candidates' data. Candidates expect transparency and they want to know how their data is being used. You can leverage that to attract all the top performers in this highly competitive labour market.

Comply with the GDPR and other data privacy laws

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It applies to every company conducting business in the EU (European Union). We will not go in-depth about the GDPR’s provisions, but it is a regulation that has made it compulsory for the companies to protect candidate data and also make sure that the candidates know what is being done with their data. Other privacy laws like the SHIELD act are also in place to protect the employees’ interests. Data privacy laws like these give full control to the candidates about how, when, and where their personal information can be used.

Transparency matters

As a member of the hiring team, you know how and where the data of the candidate is being used, but the applicants don’t have these insights. Be transparent with the candidates and tell them why they need to share their information. We are living in a digital age and data privacy concerns are constant in everyone’s mind right now. Therefore, candidates need to be reassured that their data is safe and is being used for the intended purpose only.

Data privacy is an important concern and more important when we are living in a digital age of technology and the internet. As recruiting is becoming more and more tech and data-based, recruiters should make sure that the tools they are using are complying with the privacy regulations that are to be followed. A company that is serious about protecting its employees' data has a competitive edge and also gains trustworthiness. Make sure you keep your stakeholder’s data safe and use it appropriately.

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