Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women Leaders Of The Next Generation

Gender equality at the workspace is becoming more and more critical as we move towards a greater economy. Women face a lot of problems when it comes to working in companies. Oftentimes, their opinions are not given importance, or they are paid less. This needs to be changed. This article has some ways in which we can support the women leaders of the next generation.
October 19, 2021

Reducing the pay gap 

Women are generally paid lower than men even if the work is the same. Women generally earn between 50% to 96% of the income of their male counterparts for the same job. The pay should be according to the performance of the employee and not according to gender. In our patriarchal society, men have automatically valued more than women at the workplace and this needs to be changed. Women leaders of the next generation must be valued equally to men. 

Flexible working conditions

Along with the pay, women also require flexible working conditions. With women doing a major part of the unpaid home chores, professional work must come with the flexibility of time and place. The workers of the next generation want to work wherever they want to and whenever they want to. Moreover, the 9 to 5 working system wasn’t created while keeping the women's workforce in mind. It was established way before women entered the workspace. In addition to other paid leaves, women should also be given paid menstrual leave. This would be a great way to attract women to workspaces and empower them. 

Commitment to inclusion 

Gender inclusion must be prioritized at every company. Gender inclusion means treating women the same as men. Ideas and opinions of female employees should be heard and given equal importance as the opinions of male employees. Women could be trained and mentored to be more confident at the workplace so that they know how to raise their voices in a meeting room full of men who think they are better than women. Mentorship programs must be in place for women to help them navigate through their careers. 

Opening funding sources for women entrepreneurs 

40% of businesses are owned by women in the US. This number can be increased worldwide when funding sources would be made more accessible for budding women entrepreneurs. Helping women in funding their business ideas can be the best way to empower women leaders of the next generation. 

Building a safe workspace 

The major part of the female population says that they don’t feel safe at their offices. This becomes a hindrance in the way of performance of the female employees. The managerial class has to ensure proper safety measures are taken to make the female employees feel safe and protected. Every company must have a sexual harassment policy that educates women on what things should not be tolerated and also outlines actions against the employees who try to harass their female colleagues. 

Let’s contribute to a greater tomorrow by breaking barriers and empowering our women leaders.

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